Anxiety Needs


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  1. Ruth says:

    Well Amen and Hallelujah from me and several friends and family who live this every day!
    Nothing so exhausting and wearing as continuing anxiety, even when you are enjoying life and sure of the love and friendship and saving grace of Jesus.
    Up pops the bad feeling, the panic that something is amiss, the anxiety about being anxious; who knew that was a condition too! Then the restless mind of disordered chaotic thoughts, heart thumps, sweats, helplessness, even anger at the realisation that here we go again……
    Praying relentlessly, walking round and round the house talking to hide the feeling, self criticism for not being able to stop it all.
    Now, after my medication, I quote all my go to verses, quietly and slowly, pray for strength and peace, then sing hymns I love, and know that the writer has been through tough times.
    Thankyou for getting to the crux of the problem, it isn’t our faith, it is our physical condition we deal with.

  2. Yes! Hallelujah for a God who doesn’t just deal in stupid plastic stereotypes.

  3. I went to a talk on anxiety at our City Hall this past fall, with speakers including a doctor and a university student. I expected maybe 50 people max; there were 200 or more. This is a serious issue for many people, and making pious judgments and quoting Scripture (“Just read Matthew 6” – grrr) is not helpful. Thanks for saying this so succinctly, Tim.

  4. Even if they’re accompanied by music and pretty pictures, Tim 😉 ? :

  5. FW Rez says:

    Tim, Thanks for sharing this Christian’s experience. Sometimes we need more than just a verse and a song to overcome life’s difficulties.

  6. BTW – I agree “The recurrence of hard times is itself so wearing.”

  7. and in our Prayer we need to be open to the fact that The Lord could be allowing us to go through the despair or depression as an opportunity to lean on those close to us.. the one’s that He placed near us .. His Name be Glorified through it all.

    • Tim says:

      If it’s true clinical depression or anxiety (not just the blues or momentary nervousness) then it’s like pneumonia or any other serious disease. Trust God and turn to those he’s put in your life, yes, but seek professional care just like for any other disease.

      • Ruth says:

        Such a necessity, proper medical help and treatment, for any form of anxiety of depression. If untreated it can escalate to serious issues that are much harder to treat.
        Just like any other condition, we pray and share with friends we trust, but as you wouldn’t consider diabetes or asthma or any other not needing of professional care, the same with these.
        It’s not ‘all in my head’ or spiritual problems, it’s in genetics, environment, life experiences and chemical imbalances.
        Like me being told as a little girl that my asthma was punishment being inflicted unto the third and fourth generations. Considering the other health issues I have, there must have been some SERIOUS sinning going on in the good old days if I was to give credence to such an ugly thing. Really, some people are exasperating!

  8. I wholeheartedly support that Tim. Whilst humour has it’s therapeutic place, expert care is most certainly adviseable in such cases.

  9. MA says:

    Yes. Way past time people understood this–I remember sitting in a service where the speaker said what a shame it is “that people choose anxiety and depression.” *facepalm* Unfortunately, I didn’t have my own transportation away from the place or I’d have left right then. As it was, I tuned out for the next 15-20 minutes until he was finished, so if he actually said anything worth hearing, I missed it.

    WE DO NOT “CHOOSE” THESE THINGS. Anyone planning to speak, give a sermon, teach a class, give a talk–get this through your head right now.

    Oh, and we don’t “choose” physical illness either. Some of the worst months of my life were when my mom was deteriorating with dementia and I was diagnosed with a chronic pain condition and I didn’t know if I’d ever get any relief from it. If someone had told me that either of us “chose” what we were suffering, I believe I’d have broken several Commandments and gotten my picture on the post office wall.

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