Echtes Licht – the True Light of Christmas

My friend Claudia Dahinden sings beautifully and writes powerfully in both German and English. In her latest music video she sings of the True Light everyone longs for. It’s a musical exploration of John’s introduction of Jesus to his readers:

In him was life, and that life was the light of all mankind. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it. (John 1:4-5.)

I asked Claudia for the opportunity to share it here with an English translation, and she obliged by sending me the translated words below. I hope you watch the video and read the words and are as blessed by them as I.


More about Claudia Dahinden: Claudia wrote an excellent post on her German language blog and translated it into English for my blog back in January (Choosing Words for 2016).  You can read more of Claudia’s writing and listen to her songs by checking out her English language blog and following her on Twitter and Facebook. Here’s a little insight from Claudia herself:

Claudia Dahinden.jpgI’m a freelance writer, singer and songwriter, having published my debut, the CD/Book-Production “A Place to Dwell (Hier will ich bleiben)” in May 2014. I’m currently working part-time as a research assistant in a scientific historical book project.

I was born and raised in the northwestern part of Switzerland and have studied contemporary history. Ten years in administration functions have equipped me with the necessary organizational skills to embark on an independent book and CD publication. I’ve recently returned to my home town where I live with my husband. When I’m not writing, singing or reading, I try to keep our grounds from growing wild.


True Light (Echtes Licht)


Harsh are the lights in this world
They’re blinding me and burning me
Everything’s full, but something lacks
I’m feeling void, asking myself
There has to be something more
Am I really the only one
Who’s realizing this?


Then a new light is attracting me
Mysterious, almost intimate
Its glow is magically alluring me
I’m setting out, following it
Flying like a moth into its glow
Searching the light, not finding it
But I’m not giving up


I’m searching
The real, true light
Give me sight
Make me whole, make me free


The path of light, it never ends
I’m struggling, I’m getting wise
Follow the light up the ladder
Then it’s gone, was just a fraud
A fen fire that deceives the pilgrim
Inebriates itself by his yearning
And then lets him rot.


I’m giving up, I’m standing still,
Then I can see it, silent, clear
How could I oversee it,
The light, it’s always been here
But can it be so easy
I’ll follow its clear glow,
And shall be saved?


Is this the
Real, true light
Does it give sight
Does it make whole, and make free?


What has no prize has no worth
What everyone can have is just trash
But this light is attracting me
Until I want to believe it

I believe it can be this simple
I’ll follow this clear light
And be saved…finally the


Real, true light
Giving me sight
Making me whole
Making me free


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6 Responses to Echtes Licht – the True Light of Christmas

  1. Tim says:

    Claudia, thanks for allowing me to run the translation and the music video here. Reading the words while listening to the song sent chills through me. The longing we feel in Advent is there for a reason, as we all long for the True Light.

  2. roscuro says:

    That was beautiful.

  3. Thanks so much for this — Claudia, you have such a beautiful voice and the words are breathtaking.

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