I am not enamored of perfection

We all stumble in many ways. (James 3:2.)


I am not enamored of perfection.

For me the off-centered, the imprecise, the slightly askew.

This is where people are found: among the stumbles, the trips and falls, the toe stubs and heel slips, the missed opportunities.

This is how life is lived, in the toe stubbing, heel slipping, stumbling trip and fall spaces that open up before you every day, the spaces where people give life a shot anyway. That’s where people live.

I am enamored of such people.

I am enamored of people who are off-centered, imprecise and slightly askew.

Which is everyone.



We slightly askew.

I am enamored of you.


I am not enamored of perfection.jpg

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6 Responses to I am not enamored of perfection

  1. amanda60 says:

    Satan is called an “accuser of the brethren”. He loves it when we’re a bit off balance, less than perfect and slightly askew because to him its opportunity. I agree with your take on things, I think our ‘never quite getting things within the dotted lines’ is a mark of God’s love for us He loves us as we are, a concept that Satan can’t grasp…perhaps that’s why he fell in the first place, he never understood that creativity was time a glorious mess! I am learning to be enamoured of the glorious messes in and around me!

  2. Hey, who are you calling “askew”? Seriously, Tim, you’re so right: this is where life is lived, in all the imperfections and missteps. That’s where God meets us!

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