Limerick Doctrine – where poetry and theology meet

A Spiritual Limerick.jpg

[From the archives.]

I shall now recite a spiritual limerick:

The doctrine we call pneumatology
Is tougher to learn than biology
I’ve no cause to fear it
Because of the Spirit
Who guides me in learning theology


Your own limerick offerings are gratefully accepted in the comment section below. They don’t have to be good, as you can see from the example above.


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7 Responses to Limerick Doctrine – where poetry and theology meet

  1. We are reading through Jude in our women’s study group at church, so I thought I’d offer this:

    “There once was a fellow named Jude
    Who did not want our faith to be skewed.
    He threw absolute fits
    Over proud hypocrites
    And condemned those whose gospel was pseud.”

    For the last line I also considered
    “Yes, Jude was a dude with a ‘tude.”


  2. The doctrines of E.S.S.
    Are heresy, most all confess,
    but those who think not
    preserve what they’ve got
    and pile women under distress.

  3. The doctrine pneumatology,
    Inspires toward theology,
    Pneumonia NO !
    That disease must GO !
    The tongue controls biology.
    — e-Turnity

  4. We call them clothes lines, lines for clothes,
    They are for drying pantyhose,
    When I talk to Him, the rain starts,
    It’s because of his Godly heart,
    And for the planit I suppose.
    — e-Turnity

  5. *planet* I meant, sorry I have a problem with my laptop Tim.

  6. I *did* have a problem with my laptop, it’s all sorted now 🙂 Yay for technology 🙂

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