Keeping the Law by Ignoring the Law

This weekend a lot of people will hear sermons telling them how to live according to God’s law, but unless those sermons are based on a verse such as Galatians 5:14 or a similar passage a lot of those sermons will be wrong. There is one law and one law only that governs the life of those who belong to Jesus and it is born of love, not a list of rules.


If a preacher ever tries to convince you that God wants you to do your best to follow his laws or to keep the 10 Commandments or however they phrase it, they are preaching falsely. All those laws found in the Bible are fulfilled when you follow this one law.



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6 Responses to Keeping the Law by Ignoring the Law

  1. Kevin Mason says:

    Tim, You probably expected this reply with the following words from the mouth of Jesus: “If you love Me, you will keep My commandments.” (John 14:15)

    If a preacher says that one can do works of obedience in effort to please God or earn salvation, that would be wrong. If a preacher preaches that the fruit of loving God includes loving others and a desire to do the things that God commands and the desire to not do the things God commands us not to do, that would be complete.

    God thankfully included many examples of how we should love and how we should be obedient. I fear that if we humans were left to making the determination of what love looks like and what obedience looks like, it would be a mess. World history and church history are filled with examples what happens when man chooses to define love and obedience… and it is not the same as what God says.

  2. Hmm.

    Sir, the problem I have with this simple affirmation is how humanists can use this verse and neglect many rich biblical truths without accountability.

    And, my pastors do have authority over me.

  3. Again this reminds me of my conversation with my daughter, who said tearfully, “But doesn’t the Bible say if you break one law you’re guilty of all of it?” It’s so important to realize that those verses are underscoring the total impossibility and unnecessariness (if that’s a word) of our keeping the law. I also remember our former pastor saying “Anything we do that isn’t an act of love is an act of slavery.” That had an impact on me. Am I enslaved to performing and doing in order to try to please God, or am I trusting in His grace?

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