Passing Judgment in a Time of Forgiveness

How some people see forgiveness

Forgiveness is easy when it fits our agenda.

forgivenessAccording to Jesus, there is no one we shouldn’t forgive. This is because God has freely forgiven us and freed us from his judgment.

Judging the Forgiven

But forgiveness does not free us from the responsibility of judgment. forgiveness-and-judgment

In this sense, it’s a matter of exercising good judgment. For example:

  • You might forgive an employee who stole from you, but that doesn’t mean you should unhesitatingly allow her access to the cash box.
  • A drug addict might get clean and apologize to everyone he hurt along the way, but his first job out of rehab probably shouldn’t be taking inventory in a pharmacy.
  • If your boss yells at you every time no one is around to hear it, you can forgive but still decide never to put yourself in that situation again.

That’s because a person’s character and abilities and temperament – along with a multitude of other factors – must be taken into account in judging the best way to interact with that person, including whether to interact with him or her at all. Even Jesus told his friends that sometimes you have to shake the dust off and move on.


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2 Responses to Passing Judgment in a Time of Forgiveness

  1. This is helpful to me, Tim. We shouldn’t judge in the sense of “You wronged me and I’m going to see that you get the punishment you deserve!” but we *should* judge in the sense of “What would be a wise way for me to interact with this person I’ve forgiven?”

    • Tim says:

      Exactly. What is the wise way to deal with the person I’ve forgiven.

      On Oct 26, 2016 7:42 AM, “Tim's Blog – Just One Train Wreck After Another” wrote:


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