Today is my day, and everyone wins a prize

Today is my day and everyone who can tell me why in the comments gets 10,000 interwebz, a fabulously illusory and non-existent prize that has the added advantage of being completely worthless! (You can even use the clues and still get full credit.)

Clue #1:

Clue #2:

Clue #3: What’s in a Name?


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13 Responses to Today is my day, and everyone wins a prize

  1. Lane Blessing says:

    First day of fall! Yay!

  2. Jeannie Prinsen says:

    Uh … because you have strong be-LEAFS?
    Because you like to put your feet up on an AUTUMN-an after a hard day at work?
    OK I admit it, Lane’s answer was better. 😀

  3. I believe it is the first day of the seasonal reign of pumpkin spice.

  4. Velour says:

    Sob. Summer light is Leaving us.

  5. FW Rez says:

    Is this comment bait? Not going to fall for it.

  6. You really ought to follow the example of Queen Elizabeth II and have an official birthday. You could choose today for official (and humorous) purposes. 🙂 Plus, that way you get two birthdays every year, but only grow one year older. More cake, more presents. It’s a win-win situation.

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