Dealing with Issues



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4 Responses to Dealing with Issues

  1. Love the Scriptural admonition in James 1:19 to be quick to hear another person, slow to speak and slow to get angry.

  2. DragonLady says:

    So true. Speaking for myself, as long as I was unable/unwilling to face my issues, I relied on a system of escaping/numbing and self-righteous judging. I was sick, and trying to spread my sickness. God has shown me such an immeasurable amount of grace in his love. How can I not replicate that to others? But, I still fall back into my old patterns, wherein He shows me still more grace, and so in those moments of clarity, I can give others the benefit of the doubt knowing that everyone struggles as I do, and we are all wonderfully and extravagantly loved by God.

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