Grammatically, I Can’t Relate

I saw this from an outfit calling itself Godly Dating 101.


Even worse than the relationship advice is the grammar, period.

The point they are trying to make eludes me. I mean, I can guess but what good is a meme you have to guess at, especially when the guesses can lead to multiple results? But even more than the questionable relationship advice is the bad grammar. It jumped out at me when I first read this and now it’s all I see.


10,000 interwebz (an illusory and completely nonexistent commodity) to everyone who identifies the grammar problem. Multiple prizes will be awarded (since interwebz are an illusory and completely nonexistent commodity).


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24 Responses to Grammatically, I Can’t Relate

  1. I think it probably should be “whom” instead of “who” since it’s an object of the verb “want.” (If it was “Is this who should represent me?” then that would be OK because it’s a subject of the verb.)

    But as for the message being sent: if Susie was dating Joey, and Joey did something questionable, would that reflect directly on Susie? Is he REPRESENTING her in some way in the world (or she him)? That seems really bizarre. Sure, it is wise to look at the character and suitability of the person you date — but to say they represent you? I wouldn’t even say that about married people, let alone those who are dating. Seriously, where do they get this stuff?

  2. Julie Walsh says:

    Is is is it?

  3. The period after the question mark at the end?

  4. Grammar aside, I don’t get the ‘advice’… what am I missing?

  5. They had a surplus on “is” and periods that week and had to use up the quota or risk having their budget cut. 🙂

    As to what it means – are memes supposed to mean anything? Or are they just esoteric meanderings of bored minds hoping for a little attention from a machine to give their life significance?

  6. Karen McDonald says:

    The quotation marks belong outside the punctuation.

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