Update #7 on my Father: praying through change

Today we drive 2 hours to the Bay Area to pick up Dad from the rehab facility where he has lived the past three  weeks after first spending a week and a half in the hospital following his emergency surgery for his fall (see Head and Heart at 92 Years Old, as well as the updates since then for more information on his progress). Then it’s another 2+ hour drive back (depending on how bad traffic has gotten).

It will be worth it, though, to get him into his new apartment in the assisted living place near us. Dad is really looking forward to the move and being in his own place once again. Please pray for the drive both ways to go well, and for him to find his new place a comfort.

He still has a lot of therapy (physical, occupational and speech) ahead of him, too. Please pray for continued progress, and that he will be lined up with good therapists here very soon.

And please continue praying for stamina and peace for me and my wife as we continue coming alongside Dad.

Thank you everyone,

P.S. A few hours after I wrote this yesterday the rehab facility’s doctor called and said Dad’s blood pressure was a bit too low. He adjusted some meds and will examine Dad again this morning to determine if he is medically ready for discharge. We’re driving down to meet with the doctor and be ready to move Dad out anyway in case he’s ready. Please pray he is.


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6 Responses to Update #7 on my Father: praying through change

  1. Thanks for the update, Tim. Praying that the BP issue will be stabilized so your dad can be moved.

  2. FW Rez says:

    Continuing to pray. Glad that your dad has a positive attitude about the move.

  3. It does feel like time (and traffic) moves at a snail’s pace in such stressful circumstances. May God give your heart, mind and body a much-needed rest.

    Your father has come a long way in a fairly short period of time. And I join the rest of your “friends” here in praying for your father’s comfort and recovery, and strength and peace for you and the rest of your family. Be prepared for a few wrinkles. We know God will make Himself known in the midst of those, too…

    Blessings to you and yours.

  4. Tuija says:

    Thanks for the update(s), Tim. Still praying, though I don’t comment so often.

  5. LT says:

    Praying for peace and patience for all involved and a complete recovery for your father. You are a wonderful son to take such good care of your father. Thanks for role modeling for others during this difficult season. I’m confident you will never regret all the effort you are putting in even if your father may not be ready to travel yet. Advocating in person with your father’s medical staff is critically important. Patients in pain with limited mobility can’t always do this effectively for themselves. There is peace to be found in that alone. God be with you all on this journey!

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