Update #6 on my Father: slow progress, but still good news

Thank you everyone who has been supporting my father and our family in prayer following my father’s accident. Here’s the original post on his fall and emergency neurosurgery: Head and Heart at 92 Years Old

His rehab is slowly progressing, but it looks like a full return to the physical and mental strength and condition he was in before the fall might not occur. Still, he could be released from rehab toward the end of next week and the assisted living apartment we have lined up for him has wonderful staff and a great reputation. They have already evaluated dad personally and established a care plan for him.

Dad in 2011

Dad in 2011

Dad has been considering assisted living for a few years. This move to our town is at his request and he is eager to be near us. The apartment is about five minutes from our house (ten if the lights are against us). Also, we are making progress on getting him signed up with doctors locally, both primary care and specialists.

There is still a lot of work to do to get him here, and we are traveling to see him (90 minutes to 2 1/2 hours each way depending on traffic) at least every other day and sometimes two or three days in a row. Handling the mental and physical stresses can be another subject of prayer along with prayers for dad’s recovery to continue.

Thanks, everyone, for caring about dad and our family.



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6 Responses to Update #6 on my Father: slow progress, but still good news

  1. keriwyattkent says:

    Tim, you and your dad and family have been on my mind this last few weeks. Praying for all of you.

  2. Adriana says:

    I can tell by this picture that your dad is a kind person. Such a handsome smile! How wonderful that he’ll soon be living near you! Please continue with the updates. Praying and cheering you all on.

  3. Christiane Smith says:

    My prayers for your father continue. May Our Lord in His great mercy hear them.

  4. Bronwyn Lea says:

    You both are loving him so well. Praying for you as you care for him.

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