Update #4 on my Father: it’s moving day!

Dad’s rehab stint will continue this week and into most of next week, if all goes as planned. Today we move apartments.

It took a couple of days to get everything we’re moving boxed and organized. If it weren’t for my wife’s extremely high capabilities I would have floundered. She’s great, and don’t let anyone tell you different.

The moving company has some of the best customer service I’ve ever seen from any organization. The three young men are cheerful and careful. They took one look at the apartment and said, “This is easy. We’re already done; you just don’t know it yet.”

Next is the 2 hour drive to our town to unload into Dad’s assisted living apartment. We want everything set up for him when he is ready to move in.

Please pray for continued progress in Dad’s recovery and for the logistics today and through his rehab. Thanks.


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11 Responses to Update #4 on my Father: it’s moving day!

  1. Sarah Sparks says:

    Prayers are coming your way. I remember you said you married the packing fairy a couple months ago when we moved. 😌 Take care.

  2. I am in rehab now for 21 days. It’s quite a science. I am measurably getting stronger every day. I was hoping to be off today, Saturday, but physical and occupational therapists came to get me. You can’t hide.

    So much wisdom in downsizing when you get older. Also I am glad I lost 40 pounds and had been exercising before I broke my ankles.

    Best to you and your family and prayers also for your dad.

  3. That sounds like an awesome slogan, Tim: “We’re already done; you just don’t know it yet.” Thanks for keeping us all posted at this time of transition. I hope your dad adjusts really well to this change — blessings on all of you.

  4. Adriana says:

    Yay! You’re almost there! Moving can be grueling. Such a blessing to have such capable assistance. We moved recently and my husband was amazing, like your wife. He cleared out our basement in a day. It would have taken me ever so long to do as much on my own. Looking forward to more good reports on your dad soon! 🙂

  5. Praying you find at least one little bright spot in each day – whether it’s hope, encouragement, rest, or just a moment of joy in a simple pleasure x

  6. Pastor Bob says:

    Praying! Should have said this sooner, did anyone take some pictures to help in arranging somethings with a similar “feel?”

    Your dad has a wonderful son.
    Blessings again.

  7. Karen Ingle says:

    Thanks for keeping us posted. My prayers for you all continue.

  8. LT says:

    God bless you for role modeling for others and setting everything up before hand. The transition to any form of assisted living is tough, but especially when it involves a move to a new city. By having him enter into a familiar environment from minute one you have helped him immeasurably. My spouse used to volunteer at nursing homes which also had independent and assisted living. The good ones are like stationary cruise ships with recreation directors. The residents called their activities director Julie McCoy (the perky events lady on an old show called The Love Boat).

    Your dad will have plenty of distractions and diversions to keep him busy during the day. However, sometimes loneliness can set in at night. By maintaining continuity and organization with his memories and environment you are helping to limit the chaos, confusion and the stress of this transition by gifting him with comfort. You are not just helping your dad. By writing about this on your blog you are also helping others to understand the importance of what may seem like a detail as opposed to an essential. Thanks for sharing this experience with others.

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