Update #3 on Prayer Needs for my Father

Your prayers for my father and me and the family have been wonderfully encouraging.

Dad has moved to a skilled nursing and rehab facility where he is getting speech, occupational and physical therapy. There is a lot of work to do in order to bring him to a point where he can provide some of his own care, but he is not there yet. We have seen progress since he took a fall and then had the brain surgery, though, and hope to see more.

After rehab he will move to an assisted living apartment near us. We are traveling back and forth to the Bay Area to visit him and pack up his apartment (90 minutes to 2 1/2 hours each way) and are arranging for a mover to transport the packed boxes and furniture to his new place. The logistics are complicated by not knowing the exact timing of his being able to leave rehab and move here.

If it weren’t for my wife’s organizational skills and tireless ability to get hard work done I don’t know how I would do any of this. She is the one God has put in my life and I am so thankful.

Thank you again for your prayers.

[For those who would like to read the start of dad’s medical treatment here is Head and Heart at 92, the first update, and the second update.]


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8 Responses to Update #3 on Prayer Needs for my Father

  1. I know this kind of situation is exhausting, both physically and emotionally. Just take one day at a time and rest your mind and body when you can. Your poor father must also be frustrated. I pray that he can be patient with himself and the process. And God bless your wonderful wife! Her gifts are surely being put to good use!

  2. It can be really draining, physically and emotionally, as Cindy says. But when you look back you will treasure the time and energy you invested in him. May the Lord give you strength, grace and the joy of his presence through this.

  3. Pray those little sparks of encouragement keep flaming up in the midst of these difficult days x

  4. Adriana says:

    Continued prayers! Thank you for keeping us updated!

  5. Karen Ingle says:

    Tim, I too am praying for you and your family–for strength, for peace, and for wisdom to take each day’s steps. I can sympathize, and I can also testify to the amazing faithfulness of God in such times. Wish I could personally deliver hugs–and a hand with moving–to you and Liz.

  6. Angie says:

    Prayers for healing and strength for the whole family.

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