Update #2 on Prayer Needs for my Father

Many thanks to everyone who has been praying for my father and me and the family. Please continue, and bring in others to pray as you feel is appropriate.

Dad may be moved to rehab/skilled nursing soon. He will need speech therapy, physical therapy and occupational therapy as part of his recovery from the blow to his head. (Here is last Thursday’s post on his accident and the first update from Sunday.) Prayer for healing and good care are appreciated.

We then have to move him into assisted living, which means packing up his apartment and transporting everything 85 miles to be near our house. The logistics are overwhelming and I am feeling a great weight on me.

Thank you for praying,


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12 Responses to Update #2 on Prayer Needs for my Father

  1. Kelly says:

    Tim, I am very sorry to hear of your father’s accident. I’m praying for both you and your wife, and your father, as you transition him from living independently to assisted living. It will definitely be an adjustment with lots of emotion, but thankfully God gave us these emotions to help sort things out. 🙂 Hugs your way!

  2. I know the difficulties. (from experience) Praying that you may find helpful people to come alongside and assist through the complex tasks ahead. ((((( Tim ))))) ((((( your father )))))

  3. Thank you for another update, Tim. Praying for all of you as you face these challenges and adjust to the changes.

  4. FW Rez says:

    Praying for your father and entire family during this time. As my dad went through the transition to assisted living less than two years ago, the gold standard for many decisions that had to be made without his input was to do what he had done or we thought he would have done in the same circumstances for his dad. It didn’t always go well but at least we felt we were following a good example.

    Grace and Peace to the Fall family.

  5. xianatty says:

    Praying for you and your family. I’ve been through something similar with my parents. It really is overwhelming. Prayers for peace and strength.

  6. JYJames says:

    Praying for some muscle, i.e., practical help for your family, Tim, in this time of need. Love does. Well, you need some love doing right now. Let’s pray that happens for you all, by the grace of God.

  7. R. S. Simmons says:

    Sorry for your father’s difficulties, & this new stress upon your family. Many are praying for you all.

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  9. I really feel for you, Tim. (Faced similar realities with both my parents.) It is a hard time you are going through, and I pray you find the sustaining grace you need for each and every day x

  10. michellevl says:

    Your family has been in my prayers. So many decisions, so much paperwork, as you’re carrying the weight of concern of for a dad you love dearly and want to honor well during this fragile time. May you sense God sustaining you moment by moment as you navigate all of this.

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