Godly Women Teaching Godly Men is Godly (and Biblical)


It’s not a matter of whether the Bible says women should teach men. It’s a matter of the Bible showing women actually teaching men, and no one – God included – saying they shouldn’t have. For example:

Hilkiah the priest, Ahikam, Akbor, Shaphan and Asaiah went to speak to the prophet Huldah, who was the wife of Shallum son of Tikvah, the son of Harhas, keeper of the wardrobe. She lived in Jerusalem, in the New Quarter.

She said to them, “This is what the Lord, the God of Israel, says … .” (2 Kings 22:14-15.)

According to examples found in the Bible, teaching is not a gender or sex based skill or function.

It’s God based.


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20 Responses to Godly Women Teaching Godly Men is Godly (and Biblical)

  1. Vashra Araeshkigal says:

    I’ve seen the argument that women taught in limited scope (Deborah, Huldah) in the OT, but that in the NT, women are to be silent.

    How would you respond?

    • Tim says:

      The OT instances placed no limits on women, and there are many instances of NT women leafing and teaching too.

    • Pastor Bob says:

      Listen to what those who share this particular point of view have to say. Do your own research, checking, ask questions. Then respond as the Lord leads. Some will NOT change their minds despite facts in evidence.

      Speaking for me, if the person refuses to listen to what you share, check, did God really tell you to share, and it may come to leaving the person to their folly (sound familiar?)

    • Julie says:

      I don’t see how you can paint Deborah as having a “limited” scope of leading — she was Judge of all Israel and a prophet to boot. As for women being “silent” in the church, I believe Paul was quoting a statement in order to disagree with it (the Greek η is used to show disagreement with a quote). Also, he told everyone to be quiet and listen while others are speaking. And there are numerous examples of women teaching or leading men in the NT without censure from God.

  2. Pastor Bob says:

    There was a woman in a church some time ago presenting a lecture (teaching if you prefer), during a break two “godly” men stated that she had no business teaching in a/the church. The pastor asked them if they understood what was being shared,(yes), if they were qualified to tech this (no) and if they would be willing to spend the next 10 years studying this to present it so carefully and understandable (no).

    The Pastor asked the men to enjoy the presentation and keep divisive comments to themselves in a public setting.
    Let those who know teach, share and listen. Let those who do not know listen.

  3. Ruth says:

    Our new minister has just asked our fully ordained female minister to preach in the mornings. She has currently been speaking at the youth oriented evening services. As he said…either you preach, or you don’t’……so she has and will, and what an interesting, fascinating and fully competant speaker she is. One sane minister indeed!
    Our wonderful younger minister who left to church-plant in a very needy area, just as well as our church, 3services every Sunday, was bursting at the seams, has now declared he has changed his mind. On what? Women in leadership, preaching, being equal in the home! His views were opposite to this when he left.
    Apparently he has been ‘studying and researching’, and found greater clarity…..then we hear comments straight from TGC of the worst sort…….so unsettling and weird, and he has 3 daughters😞.
    He has also been ‘schooling’ his wife to be more involved in women’s ministry, she has just come out of hospital after a serious heart operation too. I know his parents won’t take such nonsense from him, what happens next is only known to God, so sad

    • Tim says:

      The opening of minds to the way women are to serve in the Body of Christ is a blessing for all concerned, Ruth.

      I’m praying for the heart patient, both for recovery and ministry as well.

  4. Reblogged this on geraldfordcounsel and commented:
    Here is an excellent point, well written, and rather obvious…

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  6. Jamie says:

    Tim, thanks again.

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  8. Paula says:

    Thanks for this brief and sensible answer to the question of whether or not a woman should teach men. I find it interesting that people sometimes neglect the OT in regard to God’s commands and obvious takes on ANY subject, preferring only NT teachings. Jesus said he didn’t come to “abolish,” but to “fulfill.” Insert the word *law* there and it my take on this still stands. Because if God said it, it’s *law.*

  9. Paula says:

    oops… “there and my take on this…” (and I call myself an editor *smile*)

  10. so refreshing to find this blog which i have been reading for about a year…having been called a “wayward wife” by a pastor of the first baptist church, and also being in gothardized churches has caused me many years of confusion and even mental issues, thinking i was the one wrong for my views on women in christianity. then i found this blog and others who through the scriptural analysis put the extreme views of patriarchy and complementarianism where they belong….in the trash heap.

    What i find extremely unfortunate is that well meaning christians who follow pat/comp teachings, will not even listen to or allow intelligent conversation to any other view… instead, they say the person disagreeing with them is sinning because what they believe is “in the bible.” (Slave owners in the 1800’s did that too .) And these are people who say they love Jesus and want to follow and obey God yet they show little allowance for other christians saying they are following God’s teaching also. .

  11. Angel Alimurung says:

    to anyone who says that a woman can teach or be a pastor; I wonder how would they react if a donkey takes the pulpit and start teaching them what God wants to convey at the moment? Numbers 22:22-30

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