When one door closes … – advice you’ve never heard before

Whenever a door closes

Never let it be said I don’t know how to give advice


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14 Responses to When one door closes … – advice you’ve never heard before

  1. I dunno, Tim — as an introvert, if the door closes I think “Oh good, they’re not home! Guess I’ll have to come back tomorrow!” *rushes home to safety*
    OK, that’s probably not what you meant by door closing. 😀

    • Tim says:

      The Prinsen Principle: “If a door closes, take it as a sign that you can do without seeing anyone just fine today thank you very much.”

  2. Ruth says:

    Were you looking over my back fence when I locked myself out of my house? Naturally with two hungry little boys in tow! No spare key, no mobile phone, no one home nearby. So, I went to our laundry door which has a small sliding window next to it AND I could reach in to turn the handle.
    Stood on a box, picked up a brick, told the open-mouthed boys to stand back, and heaved that brick as hard as I could!
    Window broke beautifully, brick landed in the laundry trough, with most of the glass, the only goal I’ve ever scored, and after negotiating some edges, in we were!
    Cost us a small window-pane, but I did impress my sons no end, and made my husband think over our security arrangements and spare keys.
    A slightly different take on the usual, but 4 hours until anyone would be home, anywhere in our street, and, well, it was fun!
    Roofing can be just as accessible if the window is shut.
    Next door neighbour locked out, no keys, husband at work, so my other half climbed on the roof, removed tiles, and went in through the man-hole cover which luckily enough was big enough to let a big bloke in.
    The neighbour never saw the huge welts, slide burns and blood spots he had on his chest and arms, he didn’t either until he said he felt ‘a bit sore’!
    Needless to say, they hid keys too, and put locks on the inside of the covers, as did we.
    Now to try a ba……well, maybe not! Sometimes I love our nut-case life.😆

    • Tim says:

      Your resourcefulness really paid off, and taught your boys a thing or two such as that there’s no underestimating what Mom can do!

    • Loura Shares A Story says:

      Haha! What a tale! I don’t know if I would have thought of that, had I been locked out, but yesterday during some gardening, I found some large rocks, half-buried. My first thought was that someone might break my new, large living room window with those, and took them to the backyard!

  3. Ruth says:

    And I love your refreshing advise, as always! Have to agree with the Prinsen Principle. If I want them in, I answer the door, if not I hide, or, if i knock and no one answers, I’m gone in a shot. Who needed another broken window anyway?

  4. No thanks. 🙂 I’ve had doors close a few times in my life and when I found out later what was in that “room” I was glad I didn’t go in! 🙂

    I never have understood that business about the window, though. “If God closes a door He opens a window.” What? We’re supposed to climb out a window? Or just sit here and look through it? It makes more sense that “when God closes one door He opens another.” Sometimes the cliches and maxims of the modern world seem a bit head scratching, especially some of the Christian ones. I could happily take a sledge hammer to some of the memes I see! 🙂

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