A Cautionary Tale on Decaf


“Don’t be decaf in a world that needs caffeine.” Lisa K. Deam


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10 Responses to A Cautionary Tale on Decaf

  1. Laura Droege says:

    Oooo, I love this as a metaphor. (As I don’t drink coffee, it’s hard for me to appreciate it on a literal liquid level.) The world needs us to be engaged, alert, and able to be involved in others’ lives, no matter how messy or sticky that may be. That’s hard to do when we’re running on decaf, the diet version of our faith. Jesus was clearly a caffeine-only guy.

  2. I began thinking about this on the literal liquid level–trying to wake up this morning–then realized its potential for metaphor. I love what you said, Laura–“Jesus was clearly a caffeine-only guy.” Maybe that’s why many Christians seem to love coffee so much?

    • Tim says:

      Or perhaps it’s a matter that people in general love to be pumped up. We look for substitutes for the real source of power – God – and find it where we can. Then again, coffee beans are part of God’s creation, and all he created is available for our benefit. So I’m back to seeing caffeine as a good thing; perhaps that really is why Christians like it too.

  3. Great quote and image!

  4. Well, as long as it’s fair trade 🙂

    I can’t handle caffeine. It turns me into a gibbering wreck. But I appreciate the sentiment!

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