Three Top Test-Taking Tips For School Success

Everyone seems to be gearing up for final exams, or knows someone who’s in finals, or remembers what it was like to take finals back in school, so I offer my three top test-taking tips to help ease the process:

test taking

Deep breaths, keep the pencil on the paper, it’ll all be over by then end of the day. It’s that simple.

Just look at those two students exuding confidence and academic success. I’m guessing they followed my advice for test preparation (as opposed to test-taking) as well: STUDY!

In any case, I thought they could convey my test-taking advice better than a picture of me in swim trunks and a torn T-shirt, my usual attire when I was a student. Oh well, I guess I turned out OK. (And no, there aren’t any pictures I’d like to share.)


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7 Responses to Three Top Test-Taking Tips For School Success

  1. Laura Droege says:

    I once heard a freshman say that she became so nervous before exams that she almost panics. She studied hard and was prepared for the tests, but she was asking for advice on how to handle college-level exams. (She wasn’t asking me. I would’ve told her to chill. Not making a perfect grade isn’t a crisis and won’t kill a GPA, in most cases.) I found out later that she was homeschooled and hadn’t taken many exams that weren’t “big”, so she didn’t have the amount of routine test-taking experiences that a typical high schooler, such as myself, had. I didn’t typically become paralyzed by fright on exams if I’d studied; they were simply so normal that it wasn’t a big deal to take one.

    More importantly, though, she had a mega-perfectionistic father who expected his children to be perfect and would make their lives miserable if they failed. (Sad.) No wonder she was nervous before exams!

    She survived, BTW, and I think she ended up in medical school.

    Okay, that was a long comment . . . But your advice is great. 🙂

    • Tim says:

      When our kids face exams my prayer is always that God will help them do their best to show what they’ve learned. I don’t pray for good grades, just that they will perform in a way that shows the effort they’ve put into the class.

      I can’t imagine demanding perfection. God certainly doesn’t demand it of me!

  2. Those are really good tips! As #2 suggests, it’s just to keep going even if you feel stuck when in an exam. You can sometimes write your way out of a problem, but you can’t get past it if you freeze up and stop writing. And yes, that perspective in #3 is important.

  3. Bill M says:

    For twenty years after college I had the recurring dream, nay nightmare, there was a class I needed to pass but I could never find it, I’d finally find it after missing weeks and they were in the middle of a mid-term exam. I’d wake up in a cold sweat and when fully awake be thankful it was just a dream. Mercifully age has retired that dream but unfortunately replaced it with one looking for a bathroom.

    • Tim says:

      Those anxiety dreams based on school still come to me, Bill!

      • Opa Bear says:

        Glad to know I have company! I had this kind of dream for around twenty years after I graduated from college, only mine was that I had to go back to high school to pick up a credit. Awful!

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