Note to Self on Internet Rancor

Rancor is not a fruit of the Spirit

Rancor is not a fruit of the Spirit. “Let your gentleness be evident to all.” (Phil. 4:5.)


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5 Responses to Note to Self on Internet Rancor

  1. Yes. Rancor is a Star Wars monster, not a fruit of the spirit. It may be a few days past Star Wars day, but we can’t forget so soon.

  2. Ruth says:

    Rancour. Now there’s a feeling I’ve been trying to identify as I deal with my attitude towards how I react to my husband being put off his job in a nasty, humiliating scene at the office. I have no income either, as schools take graduates or new teachers for CRT as they are much cheaper to pay.
    We have a small business, so there is no Social services available to us, and we are 60ish, so no pension either….sigh!
    However a happy heart is good medicine as God answers many prayers around us, and we get it; patience is all, waiting on Him to guide and provide, and putting Him first.
    I’ve seen enough prayers answers in so many ways to give up any signs of Star War monster behaviour, and look forward to a new start with Him…..🙏😊

    • Tim says:

      I’m praying for your family, Ruth.

      • Ruth says:

        Thankyou Tim.
        That is a great comfort to me, as always.
        It’s just as well I don’t get any form of motion-sickness because our lives have been a roller coaster ride, of the wilder version for the last 35 years!
        Grand though, that our sons and their partners, and good friends have journeyed with us, some of them on a wilder ride than ours! God sure keeps us safe in the seats on these rides…..even when we hang upside down with money dropping out of our pockets! 🙏☕️😉

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