Stop Paying Attention To Sin

Jesus Focus1


Slide text: Some people spend their lives focusing on sin, pointing at it in hopes of defeating it. It never works. I want to spend my life focusing on Jesus. That takes my attention off sin and places it on the One in whom there is no room for sin but plenty of room for me. Stop looking at sin. Start looking at Jesus. That’s what works.

“Therefore … let us throw off … the sin that so easily entangles, … fixing our eyes on Jesus.” Hebrews 12:1-2.


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5 Responses to Stop Paying Attention To Sin

  1. Carol Noren Johnson says:

    Good point. We can also make it a habit of focusing on good things and they become an idol, rather than Christ.

  2. Great! This is one of my favorite Bible verses. Jesus is bigger than our sin, and we shouldn’t take our eyes off him. I meditate on this verse using the medieval maps I love so much because they show Jesus at the center of the world; the maps teach me to fix my eyes on Jesus and not the big, bad things of the world.

  3. Yes . . . and your meme teaches us a few things, too, Tim! 🙂

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