The Best Way to Dress for Church on Easter Sunday – humor

In case you’re feeling pressured to show up at church in your fancy Easter clothes, here’s how we do it. Sunday Clothes 1Two points here:

  1. God doesn’t care if you go to church in suits and dresses or shorts and T-shirts.
  2. Have a blessed Easter Day!


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3 Responses to The Best Way to Dress for Church on Easter Sunday – humor

  1. That’s how I feel! Except…my parishioners would not appreciate their pastor showing up to Sunday service in shorts and a t-shirt.

    So, out of respect for them and consideration of the fact that I _am_ a minister of Word and sacrament, I dress in dress pants, nice top (usually comfortable cotton jersey), and comfy jacket. (NEVER high heels.) Pretty much what I used to wear to the hospital when I was a chaplain. That way, I can still be comfortable AND presentable, at the same time. Good solution, I think. @chaplaineliza

    • Tim says:

      You could rely on a cassock. It’s kind of like what we judges do with our robes. No one knows I have Bermuda shorts on underneath.

      • Excellent idea! I do wear a robe and a stole each week, except when it’s really hot in the summer. (The church doesn’t have air conditioning … ) However, I can’t keep my robe on ALL the time. *grin*

        I hope you and your family had a great Easter.

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