The Darkest Sabbath

The Bible has no words of what anyone did that Sabbath following on the heels of Jesus’ murder. Not a single word. We have no record of what the disciples did, who his mother Mary stayed with, how the temple priests went about their duties that day.

Scripture is silent on what occurred that day, that dark Sabbath day.


A Sabbath of silence, as far as we are concerned.

What do you think you’d have done if you were in Jerusalem that week, that Sabbath?


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8 Responses to The Darkest Sabbath

  1. This is the FIRST shock of grief that FEW acknowledge. The last Sabbath worship as we look back on it, waiting for the burst of the Resurrection Day/Easter to usher in new hope on the changed day of worship–now Sunday!

  2. April Fiet says:

    On Holy Saturday, I always see so many memes “Sunday’s comin’.” And it’s true. But, I’m always reminded that on that first Holy Saturday, no one knew Sunday was coming. Pure grief.

    • Tim says:

      Jesus rested in the tomb, and his friends rested in their grief. This is a good day to reflect on what life would be like if Resurrection Day had not come.

  3. joepote01 says:

    You and I have similar posts, today. I have been speculating on what transpired in Sheol during the three days Jesus was in the grave.

  4. Re this: “What do you think you’d have done if you were in Jerusalem that week, that Sabbath?”
    I’m pretty sure that I would have prayed and stood my ground:

    • Tim says:

      That’s more than I could say for myself, TTT.

      • If you were me and you were there, that’s what you would have done. But you would have had some MPR with you. I’m sure of it. But I would have been there as a time-traveller, so I wouldn’t have been Jesus. Jesus alone is Jesus. I can’t think of anything else I would have wanted to have done e.g. I wouldn’t have wanted to have been sleeping and resting while Jesus’s soul was “overwhelmed with sorrow to the point of death” (Matt 26:38). Obviously the disciples did all they could to stay awake, but I wouldn’t want to have been responsible for not being awake. One thing is for certain anyway, the last person I would have wanted to have been, at the time, would have been Mary. But, anyway, I was here, so that simplifies the answer.

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