St. Patrick’s Day and Lesser-Known Saints Named Patrick – a humor infographic

[Warning – parody ahead.]

Saint Patrick of Ireland isn’t the only patron saint named Patrick. This handy infographic should help you understand the richness of the bevy of sainted Patricks the world has known.

lesser known PatricksWhich Patrick is your patron saint? You can choose from on or off the list.


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11 Responses to St. Patrick’s Day and Lesser-Known Saints Named Patrick – a humor infographic

  1. Jeannie says:

    Great post, Tim — and thanks for getting a woman in there! I also thought of
    – Patrick Dempsey (Dr. McDreamy from “Grey’s Anatomy”) … patron saint of rugged good looks
    – Patrick Duffy of “Dallas”… patron saint of nice guys
    – Patrick Roy, former Montreal Canadiens goalie… patron saint of goaltenders

  2. Laura Droege says:

    You have the wildest sense of humor, Tim! Love it.

  3. Hi Tim, I would add my son Patrick to the list. He is awesome. He is unique. He is constantly showing us how to view life differently. He also has autism. You can read more about him here (hope providing a link is OK?).

    • Tim says:

      Cheryl, my policy is that any link which pertains to the topic is completely welcome, and I am very glad you linked that post. It is so powerful in the display of love your son gave that doctor. I am touched by the love Jesus showed through your son, “Reaching brazenly in … to tenderly touch his fortressed soul with His pure, uncomplicated Love.”

  4. Emmy says:

    From the ones on the list, Patrick Stewart is a personal favourite of mine. Not least, in this context, because of Picard’s “make it so!” . 😉

    Off the list, and on a more serious note, I’d have to pick a man called Patrik who goes to the same church as me. If I’m not mistaken, his 80th birthday is coming up next month, and he became a Christian when he was in his twenties. He leads a weekly cellgroup at church, and prayer meetings when he’s asked to. He’s also a member of a local branch of Gideons International, a Christian organisation that distributes New Testaments to schools, hotels, prisons etc and runs missionary work around the world. On top of that, this man cares for and helps his wife who has pretty severe reumatism. This couple have also helped out a young woman who very abruptly found herself with nowhere to live: Patrik and his wife took her in for about three or four months and during that time helped her find an apartment nearby. Truly driven by the love of Christ.

  5. Rich Below says:

    St. Patrick Below, patron saint of avoiding bedtime.

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