4 Responses to An expert reveals the surprising benefits of replying to spam email

  1. Emmy says:

    Oh! I came across this video maybe a week or two ago and it really is hilarious. I can’t seem to get the link in your blog post to work, though; not sure if the problem is at your end or mine.

    As for those verses in Proverbs, they remind me of something a friend once told me (perhaps in turn inspired by those verses, who knows?). He said, “debating with an internet troll is like playing chess against a pigeon: regardless of how well you play, the pigeon will still just knock over the pieces and make a mess on the board.”

  2. Mary Anne says:

    Another hilarious scam response: this fellow responded to the Nigerian scam email in the style of an H.P. Lovecraft story. It’s a long read but worth it for what happens at the end:


    Or you can just Google “Nigerian scam email” with “H.P. Lovecraft” and it should be the first hit. Anyway, I figure that if you can get the scammer telling you to leave him alone, you’re way ahead of the game . . . 😉

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