Jeannie Prinsen, intrepid reporter of the Canadian Way.

Jeannie Prinsen, intrepid reporter of the Canadian Way.

Newsflash from our Canadian reporter:

Less than six weeks after purchasing her Motorola 3G android phone, Kingston mother of two Jeannie Prinsen has admitted she seldom uses her new phone as an actual phone.

“I upgraded from my old flip phone because I hated how people snorted derisively whenever I opened it,” said Prinsen, seemingly oblivious to the fact that others were probably paying absolutely no attention to her. “I know Adele uses one in her ‘Hello’ video, but I assumed that was just because of her extremely long nails.”

Prinsen got her new smartphone in a post-Christmas Koodo sale and imagined herself using it to make frequent, lengthy telephone calls to family and friends. Instead, she has found herself …

[Read the rest of the story at Jeannie Prinsen’s blog. It’s a hoot, and you’ll be glad you did if for no other reason than to finally understand your relationship with your smart phone.]


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  1. Lucie Winborne says:

    Had to grin even before clicking to read the rest of the post, as I still own and (hardly ever even) use a flip phone and most likely will until I have no other choice in the matter.

    • Tim says:

      When I finally switched I joked to the sale person that I was ready to give up my dumb phone for a smart phone, thinking I was being clever. He said that’s actually what they call them: dumb phones. I was the tempted to keep it because even dumb technology needs to feel wanted, right?

  2. Laura Droege says:

    My daughter and I had to get smart phones over Christmas so that we could receive text messages. Why did we need to get texts? Because that’s how her tennis team coach communicates with the players regarding practice/games/etc. Sigh. One thing always leads to another . . . A sport leading to the need for new technology. Who would’ve thought?!

    • Lucie Winborne says:

      My flip phone has texting capability, but I don’t normally use it. A lot more time-consuming to text on one of those, and besides, I never could see much point. Just call or email me. 🙂

      • Laura Droege says:

        I really hate trying to text on my phone. It tries to autocorrect my spelling. But calling or emailing doesn’t work with teens during the school day; they’d get in trouble!

    • Tim says:

      Sometimes I text my kids with the message “Call me when you get a chance.”

  3. Kathi says:

    I recently had to replace my cell phone because the camera on my old one was so old that it could not support the updates. When I walked into the store to look at new ones I had to finally admit that I no longer use my phone only to make phone calls. As low tech as I am, I have to admit that I love the camera on my new phone!

    As far as flip phones go, have you noticed that a lot of movies and shows use flip phones? I’ve heard it’s because they’re non-descript in terms of being able to tell what brand the phone is. If you still use a flip phone, tell people you’re a movie star and you carry your phone from set to home.

  4. Ruth says:

    What a so true, giggle-making post!. I’ve just given up my flip phone, but often had comments like…oh that’s so compact, oh show me your phone, I hate my phone, it does too many things and it’s too big, and oh, that’s so retro, cool, from a sweet young thing!
    We have 3or4 older flip phones that we can lend when needed to younger friends,or when the expensive smart phone takes a dip in the ocean, or dare I say, bathroom, and slowly dies!
    I only got mine because son wanted to upgrade, bought a phone, found storage a problem, so for $15 a month extra on our plan, I got his old/new phone…ah kids!
    I only text, and make a few calls to my dad, as I have an iPad, I don’t need or want any other functions on a phone. Gosh, a phone that just makes calls or texts…who’d a thunk it?

    • Tim says:

      It seems odd to me that I carry around a computer that does more than I can ever understand in the guise of a smart phone. Does anyone ever use one to its fullest potential?

  5. Bill M says:

    I’m in IT but still use an old Palm based phone. At first I kept it because I had no need for a smart phone. Now I get enjoyment from the irritation it causes my techie colleagues when ever I pull it out.

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