Sailing to a Distant Shore

Distant Shore 3


I looked above and saw full moon
It played my heart the mooncalf’s tune*
Shadowed gray and silvered bright
Held in thrall and in its swoon

I looked below and saw sea deep
The ocean’s lapping lulling sleep
The windborne salt rose in the night
Above the well, the blacky keep

The ship I sailed tracked one lone Star
Brilliant, plain, above the spar
The journey fast held to that Light
Through day and night and near and far

At journey’s end I’ll see the shore
The welcoming arms I’ve long longed for
And held within their loving might
I’ll rest and worship and adore


*Mooncalf: “a person who spends time idly daydreaming.” (

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6 Responses to Sailing to a Distant Shore

  1. Jeannie says:

    Beautiful poem, Tim! I love the structure, the images, all of it. Thanks for sharing.
    Oh, and … “Wise men still seek Him.”

  2. Nicely done. Do you write poetry much?

  3. Opa Bear says:

    I just read this, Tim. It is truly beautiful.

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