Failing to Earn God’s Love – a blessing of grace

God's love is gracious

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3 Responses to Failing to Earn God’s Love – a blessing of grace

  1. Pastor Bob says:


  2. Ruth says:

    Love this! Ian learning new things about Gods goodness and grace. We are financially kaput at the moment, hopefully temporarily, but God has been gracious in showing how to trust Him more and relax into His Spirit. Believe me, relaxed is NEVER a word anyone uses for me or about me!!
    Through prayer, thinking on promises given to me, reading this and several other very good blogs, I have been shown grace, not to regret the past and not to dread the future (Joyce Meyer).
    We’ve been broke before, but with no work, and being …well….60, there is only the peace of the Cross and Christs loving arms to lean on❤️.
    Honestly, a life of ups and downs, which I wouldn’t change much at all, I’m learning, and learning at a rate I never expected and my smile is over-coming my frown – who needs lines, spiritual, or physical, when we can have a soothed soul and a happy grin in all circumstances? Thanks again Tim for yet another on target topic? Are you sure you don’t have X-ray Vision about my life😆

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