Captain Janeway’s Tips for Handling the Mansplain

Captain Janeway has a way with mansplaining men.

Janeway mansplain


There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus. (Galatians 3:28.)


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17 Responses to Captain Janeway’s Tips for Handling the Mansplain

  1. James says:

    I’m none the wiser. I must be very thick!

  2. Brian Nisbet says:

    So many other verses ” seem” to have a bit more in there , my Niece really set me straight this summer ( she’s like 32 ,I’m 63 ) to a point ,I have some attitude that needs adjustment, she is right, BUT I did say to her , after discussing Marine landings in the Pacific and the ” NFL ” So let me get this right , there is a few bumps in the downstairs at 3:00 AM and your going to the bring the baseball bat down to just check things out? NOT your husband ?

  3. Brian Nisbet says:

    OMG I’m that guy , thanks Tim ,I’ll be in the kitchen just making a Salami sandwich.

  4. Opa Bear says:

    Thumbs up, Tim I keep myself plenty busy explaining myself to myself.

  5. Elizabeth Marie says:

    Okay, I’m sticking my neck out….. does mansplaining mean “a man who explains, like, forever?” That’s the first thing I thought of because my husband expounds on his explanations and expounds on his expounding and so on and so forth…. and I’m learning to become really good at “Oh My…. I forgot, I better go and…….” But did I get it right?

    That verse is sinking deep into my psyche so so comfortably…. it is powerful. Thank you, again.

    • Tim says:

      The Wikipedia article linked at the top describes it as “to explain something to someone, typically a man to woman, in a manner regarded as condescending or patronizing.” It’s the condescending or patronizing aspect – often perceived as coming because the man feels the woman is incapable of understanding without this explanation – that is key.

  6. The man’s own insecurity and need to confirm that he is, indeed, better than woman, and that woman keeps her place below him often play into mansplaining, as well.

  7. Gwenn Smith says:

    That moment when her male Christian therapist suggests that she shouldn’t be complaining about her period because the wonders of womanhood are so great. Never saw that coming.

    • Tim says:

      Oh my word but that’s obtuse. And insulting.

      • Jen (aka Gwenn) Smith says:

        Thank you for saying that Tim. It was almost 30 years ago and he was the only therapist I thought I could afford at the time. He wasn’t all bad, but there were a handful of things I wish I had had the guts to call him out for. That comment in my previous post was one. I was 26.

        He was 44, divorced and bitter, like so many divorced Christians I met in the Harrisburg region (Pennsylvania’s bible belt) at that time. And those divorced who were bitter assumed that we “never marrieds” were all starry eyed idealists about marriage. They were wrong, at least about me. They were transferring what they had been, I suppose, on to me and others like me. Funny part was, I walked into that huge fellowship group knowing not to be biased against divorced people. And I had never experienced such prejudice from divorced people ever before or since.

        So, that and making the mistake of dating someone with such a history left me gun shy of divorced people for a while. I didn’t snub them, but I was much less open.

        And I rambled. Not sure why. ‘Guess it’s just where my brain’s train went. **toot, toot** all aboard!!

  8. Thomas Scalf says:

    Janeway wasn’t a strong FEMALE captain. She was a strong CAPTAIN. You injecting pompous, arrogant, and misandrist nonsense propaganda phrases over pictures of her only shows the fragility of toxic femininity. (hope you catch the irony) She was a strong, powerful, confident, wise leader who would laugh at a word as ridiculous as “mansplaining.”

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