What it means when someone says, “You think like a woman!”

What does it mean when someone says you think like a woman?

Think Like a WomanTake your pick, and think like a woman.


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16 Responses to What it means when someone says, “You think like a woman!”

  1. And you say, “Why thank you”?

  2. Jeannie says:

    What Carol said: “Thank you!”

  3. Carmen S. says:

    Tim, I don’t think like Eleanor Roosevelt, Maya Angelou or Sally Ride. Sally Ride was a lesbian with a domestic partner of 27 years. I realize what you are trying to say…..but I have to clarify that the world’s “think like a woman” holds no interest for me…..a woman.

    • Tim says:

      Some women are told this because someone is trying to put them down, Carmen, but I am glad you do not experience the phrase that way. One of my other readers left a comment a while ago that showed she was being bullied by a man at her church with this very phrase, though. It’s a real problem experienced by some women.

      This list is merely pointing out that there have been some really smart women thinkers in recent history, continuing today. I don’t endorse everything every woman on this list did or thought, but I do endorse that their intellectual capacity is top notch.

    • keriwyattkent says:

      I’m confused, Carmen. What does Sally Ride’s sexual orientation have to do with her intellectual capabilities? I think Tim was simply saying these are intelligent, thoughtful women.He wasn’t saying we should emulate these women in every aspect of their lives. He was countering the use of the phrase “think like a woman” as an insult or put down. (Much like the #likeagirl campaign did to highlight and fight sexism)

      • Tim says:

        Thanks, Keri, that’s exactly what I was trying to get at. Remember the “Throw like a girl” commercial from the Super Bowl last year? This post is kind of a follow up to the post I wrote on that because Laura Droege commented there that a man at church had denigrated her with the statement “You think just like a woman” as if women couldn’t think like men.

  4. Bill M says:

    I was not familiar with Aung San Suu Kyi so I read up on her. She is very impressive, I am a softie for someone opposing authoritarian regimes especially when she goes the next step to eschew it herself. I read her speech “Freedom from fear”, she begins with “It is not power that corrupts but fear. Fear of losing power corrupts those who wield it and fear of the scourge of power corrupts those who are subject to it. ”

    I also got a kick out of her statement referencing authoritarian government leaders that “are the last to know what the people want”.

  5. Muff Potter says:

    Love it Tim! What a nice way to tell CBMW to go and pound salt.

  6. Pastor Bob says:

    Depending on the person responding:
    “Why thank you!”
    “I needed that.”
    “I certainly hope so.”

  7. It probably means they are incapable of empathy, the bleeding heart emotional stuff they associate with women. Which is unfair because women are just as capable of being heartless psychopaths like them.

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