What happens when you don’t share a meme about Jesus


If Harold really wants to know who belongs to Jesus, he should listen to Jesus’ friend John:

If anyone acknowledges that Jesus is the Son of God, God lives in them and they in God. (1 John 4:15.)

It’s that simple. Can I get an amen?


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25 Responses to What happens when you don’t share a meme about Jesus

  1. Amen! Those memes just really rub me the wrong way. At best it just seems like some kind of way to say I’m a Christian or even that I’m a better Christian than you because I’m not ashamed. At worst, it reminds me of the chain letters or memes that seeks to get something good by passing it on, like if we share or like something with God that means some kind of blessing will come our way. Neither of these things are very good in my mind.

    • Tim says:

      Those are the things about them that rub me the wrong way too, Jeremy. God’s blessing doesn’t depend on my sharing or retweeting, for crying out loud!

      • Ray Vos says:

        I’m pretty sure that God has an Office of Social Media Monitoring that keeps close track of who does and doesn’t share these memes. And, somehow the information they gather finds its way into the hands of fundamentalists! I’m hedging my bets and sharing everything. 😉

  2. Carol Noren Johnson says:

    Amen and amen, brother!

  3. Laura Droege says:


    Those memes irk me. It seems like there’s some prosperity gospel influence in here: do this, and God will bless me. Don’t do that, and God will withhold his blessing.

  4. Pastor Bob says:

    I rarely share these images unless there is a good point to be made.
    This is one that will be shared at some point.

  5. Jeannie says:

    Good one, Tim — this is one of my social media pet peeves, too.

  6. Carmen S. says:

    Should I share this, or should I not? I’ve lost Facebook friends over things that have made me go “huh”? I didn’t see that coming. Hmmmm….. But seriously, I have a FB friend who is a Christian, American, family from India. She uses her FB to post family pictures: a young daughter who is doing well in school and diligently studying!!! She also posts “say Amen” links to children who are suffering with cancer 😦 I would like to talk with Harold over a cup of coffee…….actually, I talk to many Harolds. It’s discouraging. It’s frustrating. But I keep talking…..may the Lord guide me.

  7. caramac54 says:

    Amen! (My shortest reply yet)

  8. Bill M says:

    I’m not familiar with the genre or the irritation as I don’t do social media or facebook. So I had to search “christian memes” to find out and found some pretty funny stuff. Is the problem the sanctimonious versions? The type I enjoyed would be similar to the one I saw posted of the signboard outside a church:
    So maybe I’m proving the point, I would likely post memes that would offend those who post sanctimonious stuff.

    • Tim says:

      It’s not the message in the memes. I make memes about faith, after all. But some people will post one on Facebook or other places and add: “Share this if you love Jesus!” It can be said in such a way that they imply that anyone who doesn’t share the meme doesn’t really love Jesus, almost like: “Share this to prove you love Jesus.”

  9. Facebook? Den of iniquity! Draws out the very worst in people. I walked away from it several years ago and have not regretted it one iota. I would say, “Harold, dear Harold, do get out more.”

    • Tim says:

      You’re not the first blogger I’ve heard that from about FB. sfk. I am finding ways to enjoy interactions with many people and skip over posts that would rankle me. On occasion I have chosen to stop following someone because that’s all their posts seemed to do: rankle.

  10. Carmen S. says:

    Hmmmm….there’s a Facebook community “Like If You Love Jesus” with 135,198 people. They think they are helping people find salvation by sharing memes. I’m wanting to make a few comments and ask questions. Please, stop me now 🙂 I’m Reformed. I heard a pastor say there are 60 million evangelicals in this country and only 500,000 Reformed. You might be the only Reformed Christian these people ever meet.

    • Tim says:

      It’s all about the intent. When the meme is shared with almost a bullying adjunct (e.g., prove you love Jesus by sharing this meme), then it’s not really evangelism. Sharing the gospel through memes or otherwise on line is a great evangelistic tool, though.

  11. Opa Bear says:

    You have my amen, Tim. I do not like “Do this if . . . ” in any way, shape or form for any reason. Hope I’m not a curmudgeon.

  12. Amen! Cartoon Jesus’ make me cringe…as well as drawings of Jesus carrying scantily clad women in His arms. 😬

  13. Jen (aka Gwenn) Smith says:


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