The difference between tolerance and love

Tolerance and Love


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7 Responses to The difference between tolerance and love

  1. Pastor Bob says:


  2. Bill M says:

    I have sometimes taken issue with people who say they are tolerant when they are exercising not tolerance but agreement. To clarify, when it comes to something generally thought wrong, I can’t say I am tolerant of it when actually I am simply okay with it. So while I am patting myself on the back for exercising real tolerance you come along and remind me Jesus sets the bar higher. Thanks for a short and useful lesson.

  3. Tolerance, in the light of Jesus, looks rather more like disdain disguised as pity. Thank you, Tim.

    • Tim says:

      For me it depends on whether I am tolerating the right things or not. I wouldn’t want to tolerate someone oppressing another person, for example. But I do want to learn how to tolerate things that merely bug my personal preferences.

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