A Husband’s Memories – covering up for Christmas

[Updated from the archives.]


My wife and I don’t do presents much. One year, though, back when I was still an associate at my law firm, I received a Christmas bonus. It wasn’t much as law firm bonuses go, because the economy hadn’t been doing well that year, but still it was enough to go shopping for something I thought my wife might like. I took another associate, Christine, along for advice because she knew my wife and she had good taste. So we went coat shopping.

Not just any coat, mind you. I wanted a wool overcoat for my wife. Black wool, heavy enough to handle the cold north winds that can blow through here in the winter. Christine was a trooper, going from store to store with me. We found a really nice one that blew the whole bonus.

It was perfect. I took it home and hid it away.

Christmas morning, I brought the package out. My wife was not expecting anything, so this was a surprise right off the bat. She opened it, and her surprise increased. Then she tried it on. It fit like … well, like an overcoat should. And it still does.

I am glad I spent the whole bonus on that coat. She still wears it all winter long and it looks as good now as it did the day I brought it home 20 years ago.

A merry Christmas memory indeed.


I am not a champion gift-giver by any stretch of the imagination but that one worked out. What is one of the more successful gifts you’ve ever given, Christmas or otherwise?


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7 Responses to A Husband’s Memories – covering up for Christmas

  1. Pastor Bob says:

    As I aged, I found that the best gifts have been the thoughtful ones. My wife works with Domestic abuse Support, and the color of awareness is purple. Imagine her surprise when she opened an oversize box to find Swarovski Crystal jewelry -in PURPLE.

    After she got used to over size boxes, I sent her on a scavenger hunt throughout out our home. One year while she was in the living room, I snuck the gift under her pillow (she had already picked up a clue form the top.) A pearl necklace awaited her.

    Children do not seem to have much patience for this, but will gladly help in planning these ventures.

  2. Ruth says:

    Lovely story Tim. My darling son bought me a folding pliers set with a little blade, in pink, so I would be safe travelling alone. The other darling was doing work experience at Bunnings, and bought me a rather cute garden gnome….to keep me company while gardening. Hobbit sized me, and giant sized son, such a fun thing to do.
    My lovely other half buys watches quite frequently, so I have a lovely collection….so long as I remember to get him to change batteries!
    Love to see what thoughtful, funny, clever things that come my way, cost means little to me, rather the thuoght and giggling with each othe and dad as they thought up another special something.
    These days they are young men, but still delight in me being delighted with what they think up. I might add, they have good taste and are very generous.

  3. In the early years sugar muffin would remove some every day item from the home, like a lamp, and wrap it as a gift. I would never ever figure this out as at that time I was too busy with youngins’ and being rather unobservant. Everyone would laugh when the joke was on me. He would laugh the most. It’s still funny to this day if this happens.

  4. My first married Christmas Nhan went shopping on Christmas Eve with his mom and dad. I was WITH CHILD (she was born two days later), and it had snowed a lot the day before. It was already melting away in the NC heat, but the roads weren’t that good. I was a little worried about the roads but couldn’t say anything. That guy was so happy to go out Christmas shopping. They drove an hour and a half away and the next day I wound up with the cutest ring ever. It was 18k gold with a heart that dangled from it in a cute teeny gift box with the tiniest bow on top. I will never forget the sight of him in a black leather coat in the shiny bright sun going out to get in the car with his parents with the biggest grin on his face. I still love that guy.

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