Painted Pumpkins and Christmas Cheer

[I’ve been painting pumpkins today:


They are drying now and will soon receive their ribbons so they look like the ones in the archived post below.]

Our front door is adorned by painted pumpkins. They look like this:


Painted pumpkins 2012.

For years we’ve painted our pumpkins soon after Thanksgiving, placing a set of these gourds on each side of our front doorway. Some years they’ve been red and green, other years we’ve thrown in purple, sometimes (like this year) simply silver and gold. They look like big ornaments as you come up the walk.

They also remind me of my new life in Jesus. Only he didn’t paint the outside of me. He made me new all the way to the core. (2 Corinthians 5:17.) Now there’s something to be cheerful about.


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