There is Still Time to be a Defiant Woman – wisdom from Sarah Christine Schwartz at The Junia Project

Sarah Christine Schwartz has a post up today at The Junia Project. In reading it I found myself wanting to share just about every line as a quote. Instead I decided to excerpt a passage and let read the rest for yourself.

Don’t for one moment believe that because you’re a woman, you must sacrifice passion or conviction in order to be heard, or that you must be quiet and small and relentlessly pleasant in order to fit someone else’s definition of ladylike.

If I tell you it’s a thrilling read, I’m understating the point. Click here to read the rest.


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2 Responses to There is Still Time to be a Defiant Woman – wisdom from Sarah Christine Schwartz at The Junia Project

  1. Ruth says:

    This! The feelings and thoughts that race through a mind and heart insulted by the attitude second rate, weaker, too easily led, not equal to a man, and worse, not equal to God through His love. I know in His eyes I am equal, how many of the sisterhood, and real manhood sing the new song is wonderful to behold.
    You are so right Tim, this post is thrilling and uplifting and a glorious challenge to spiritual battle and Godly strength. To go out and about with a song roaring in our hearts, and coming from our lips as the Lord guides, without fear or self criticism, and with a feeling of joy and excitement impossible to explain, except perhaps as, radiant on the inside of my being because I am created but a radiant Being!

  2. Jeannie says:

    Thanks for sharing this, Tim. The whole post is great but I was struck by this sentence: “You will not bring about a better future by using the same tools that built this prison of who is in and who is out in the first place.” Challenging words!

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