Haiku Help: where readers get to tell me what to think

If you’ve read more than one post on my blog you’ve probably noticed that I tend to find a spiritual application for what is happening around me. You might be expecting that now, in fact.

Not this time.

Recently I’ve posted haiku poetry on Twitter, tagging it #HaikuFriday. Some come from what I see out the window, and some from a glance at my desk, but none have an overt spiritual connection. So this time I am asking you to make a connection from one or more of these poems to something spiritual. It might be a passage of Scripture, or an answer to prayer, or an aspect of your relationship with God; it’s up to you. I’m looking forward to reading your thoughts in the comments.

And please don’t feel you aren’t up to the task. There are no wrong answers because I have no answers for what these poems mean in my own life, let alone in yours. But if there is any meaning in them for you, please let me know.



Looking out over
Tree-topped streets, my sight gives way
To peaceful wonder


Whistling Past

The train whistled, shrill
And long as it passed away
Leaving me behind


Key Thoughts

I held but one key
Yet saw many doors, then thought:
I can open one


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14 Responses to Haiku Help: where readers get to tell me what to think

  1. Tim’s blog
    Many topics
    I should blog

  2. Jeannie says:

    Treetops – I thought of the statement from Scripture “Consider the lilies,” which Emily Dickinson supposedly said was the only commandment she never broke. She was able to see the world around her with a sense of wonder, which is what your poem expresses.

    Whistling Past – I was struck by the words “passed away,” which we use to refer to death. I thought of how the Bible tells us we are like grass, here today and gone tomorrow, but God and His word last forever.

    Key Thoughts – I love this one! It reminds me of my favourite quote from Lord of the Rings about deeds that “move the wheels of the world: small hands do them because they must, while the eyes of the great are elsewhere.” There is always some small deed we can do, even if we feel insignificant — always some door to which we alone have the key, b/c God made us and has gifted us in a unique way.

  3. Pastor Bob says:

    FORGET interpretation
    Enjoy the words therein
    Thanking God for all

  4. Dee Parsons says:

    I held but one key
    Yet saw many doors, then thought:
    Darn, it’s the car key!

    Have a great day!

  5. I just LOVE your haikus. I am especially drawn to Key Thoughts.

    My brain is like mush.
    Sermon, half-done, awaits me.

    *grin* And, this is what I do on a Friday.

  6. A morning haiku,
    Coffee and toast, help me find
    Five more syllables.

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