Stop Platforming Mega Church Pumpkins to Help Normal Sized Churches

Doug Bursch has some wise words for everyone who cares about how churches thrive, no matter what size pumpkins they produce. (For a cautionary tale on what can come with too great a focus on greatness, see my post The Conference Every Mega-Church Pastor Should Attend.)



Eventually there will be more church growth books and articles than people who actually attend churches. Until then, here’s one more. As a pastor, no one has to convince me to desire church growth. On the saintly reason front, I totally want to share the good news of the Gospel with anyone who has ears to hear. I believe there is always room for one more in the family of God and it would be downright unchristian for me to ever want to limit someone from finding Christ in the church I serve. So yes, I totally want our church to grow.

And also, on a totally selfish front, I believe in church growth because it is not an enjoyable experience to constantly be one offering away from financial collapse. Well maybe not collapse, but it’s nice to get paid on a monthly basis when you have a family of…

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2 Responses to Stop Platforming Mega Church Pumpkins to Help Normal Sized Churches

  1. Ruth says:

    Timely blog. Like the meme and the site Fairly Spiritual. Sadly our thriving church, after very successful church plants into new suburbs around us, has regressed to a rather patriarchal mindset. Posted on the Junia project, too, it’s very sad to see women go down and some, just some men go up. To where I’m not sure…their own unearthly paradise of the mind I think.
    Our plants have been as our church gets bigger, and anew suburb springs up, in the highest growth area in the country, we support a new community from basic meetings to coffee shops, young adults etc, and praise be, providing chaplains to new high schools… wonderful is that in a country trying to have them banned!?
    Would love to be a part of this, but we feel called to stay and support equality in our home church amongst some lovely people, and prayerfully minimise the damage. Really grieving for what we have lost in equal and open fellowship, but, I know now, through you and others I’ve followed the joy of knowing I’m whole, equal and loved by Jesus, not wondering why I always felt slightly second class. Thankyou faithful bloggers who keep the fire burning.

    • Tim says:

      I am encouraged by your family’s desire to be there for others in your church, to stand for God’s truth regarding the place of women and men in the church.

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