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The Best Part About Halloween – a Cinderella story

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My Philosophy of Leisure Time Activity (and I do have one) …

*** When you lie down, you will not be afraid;     when you lie down, your sleep will be sweet. (Proverbs 3:24.) ***

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Why It’s OK For Christians To Take Part In Halloween

[From the archives.] Tom Burns and his daughter pair up for Halloween costumes every year. As he wrote on his blog, this year she was unsure if her choice was all right so she asked her dad, “Do you think … Continue reading

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Aggressive Writing in the Passive Voice – a blogging tip

Here’s a blogging tip: sometimes it’s ok to be aggressive; sometimes it’s ok to be passive; I have yet to experience a time when it was ok for me to be passive-aggressive. *** And a bonus tip: *** And here’s the … Continue reading

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Salem Witches, False Accusations, and Remembering to Love your Neighbor

[From the archives: Dana Tuttle has a habit of writing about historical women who’ve been killed for their faith. Get beheaded and Dana might write about you too. Here she’s deviated slightly from her usual fare by adding the fates of … Continue reading

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If Beatles Songs Were Written In Elizabethan Times

The Beatles were on the radio when I was a kid. Not on oldies stations. This was back when they were still together and recording and touring and, frankly, when two of them were not yet deceased. To some people, … Continue reading

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Candy Corn, Nutrition and Faith in God

My tip for a nutritious Halloween meal: Candy corn is my favorite Halloween treat. Caramel apples have their appeal, of course, but candy corn has a certain je ne sais quoi that can’t be denied. And you know it’s a … Continue reading

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Flashers Give Joy To Tourists – Best Money Ever Spent

[From the archives.] It all starts with a little girl putting her money in a hat: Did you see the kids helping to conduct and adults here and there singing along with the professional choir? And of all the people … Continue reading

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Christian Bloggers and Platform Building – when to say no

I went to a high school football game Friday night. We showed up in time to see the second half of the junior varsity game, the one with players from the school my wife works at. I hadn’t been to our … Continue reading

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Stop Platforming Mega Church Pumpkins to Help Normal Sized Churches

Originally posted on FAIRLY SPIRITUAL:
Eventually there will be more church growth books and articles than people who actually attend churches. Until then, here’s one more. As a pastor, no one has to convince me to desire church growth. On…

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