The Problem with Female Pastors and How to Fix It

This is gold. My friend Doug Bursch analyzes and offers solutions for the tendency of churches, seminaries and denominations to act on a male-centric bias for leadership development.


I believe both men and women are called to preach and teach the word of God. These are the last days, and in the last days God has poured out his Spirit on all flesh. Therefore, the sons and daughters of God will prophesy the good news of the Kingdom of God to all flesh (Acts 2). As Christ abides in all believers, he will not limit his voice to only one half of the human population. Instead, Christ will speak in and through all his children to everyone who needs to hear his voice.

This is a conviction I’ve held my entire life as I regularly experienced my mom preaching and teaching a gospel that transformed the lives of both men and women. I’ve had others try to argue me out of the proposition of women leading, but I simply do not follow their logic from a biblical or…

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4 Responses to The Problem with Female Pastors and How to Fix It

  1. Pastor Bob says:

    At one point the faith was male dominated. At one point in history the culture was male dominated. Many cultures still are. Some women are not comfortable with a man at the top spot in the church, more men are also “uncomfortable.”

    There is some (SOME) biblical basis for this position, but in reality ALL are called, ALL should do ALL within the church. The same man who does not want a woman in the church in authority may have a woman as his supervisor, with out ANY reservations.

    I have blogged about this topic from the same position as you here, but the reality of cultural challenges is ever present. In many cases the best solution is not to blast the barrier down -resentment follows. Often the best is to work slowly, persistently, patiently. The one who is led to salvation this way will have the most meaningful conversion.

    A line from a movie, “sometimes you need to duck to let God do the job.”
    It is paraphrased, can anyone identify the movie?

    • Tim says:

      I don’t know the movie, but I can say that I’d much rather duck than have God mow me over. (I was reading about the Israelites crossing the Red Sea (or Sea of Reeds) last night. Boy howdy did God ever mow over the Egyptian army in that scene!)

  2. I just requested the prospectus for a local bible college Every time I have had the thought/idea I just always think this is a *really* bad idea. But it won’t go away. I don’t know. We’ll see. If it’s what God wants then I’ll do it.

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