Changing the Words to “Sloppy Wet Kiss”



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22 Responses to Changing the Words to “Sloppy Wet Kiss”

  1. Jeannie says:

    Tim, you just pushed one of my buttons! I HATE that line — no matter which word they use, it doesn’t. Make. Sense. Jesus is not a puppy. To be honest, I hate the song. I know a lot of the younger people like it, but it doesn’t resonate with my faith in God at all. But I do like your meme. Keep them coming!

    • Tim says:

      Many of the lines in it make me scratch my head. I get kind of what they mean, but still not quite.

    • From what I understand the line isn’t about kissing Jesus or Jesus kissing us. It is about the kingdom of heaven meeting the kingdom of earth in a beautiful and very awkward, messy way. That’s from the original songwriter on his blog here, .

      I just happened to find this because I had no clue what song was being referenced.

      • Tim says:

        I get what he’s trying to say, but it doesn’t go along with what the Bible says about heaven and earth meeting in Christ’s glory. It won’t be awkward or sloppy. It will be the new creation unfolding just as God designed. Oh well, song lyrics are a type of poetry so I don’t expect exactitude from them. More accurate metaphors would perhaps be nice, but I’m not insistent on it.

        • True. I guess it depends on if he’s meaning present reality or future reality. I kind of took it as present reality, but it was my first exposure to the lyrics. Heaven and earth have met with the coming of Christ and the coming of the kingdom, but we’re in between and it is messy and often awkward. If it is about the future new creation, then I completely agree with you that this isn’t really how it is presented in the Bible.

        • Tim says:

          I was thinking too that if it is about the present then the kingdoms of this world are not greeting heaven’s kingdom but fighting it. I can’t make the analogy work either way.

      • Jeannie says:

        That makes sense, Jeremy, and I had always taken it to mean what you describe, not an actual kiss between us & Jesus. And I agree that it’s poetry, Tim, so we have to allow some artistic license. The problem for me is that it’s a very personal song — it’s one poet’s passionate outpouring, with a bombardment of metaphors like hurricane, ocean, “violently”-beating heart — and imposing it on a corporate worship setting doesn’t really work for me. It’s hard to sing, very rushed and breathless. I love to sing contemporary worship songs as well as hymns, but this one doesn’t work for me on many levels.

        • Tim says:

          I wonder about the constant introduction of radio songs into corporate worship. They are written for one genre and superimposed on another. Many of them just don’t work that way, principally because they were never meant to.

    • Helen says:

      Hear hear, I loathe all that soppy stuff in songs, God is the Almighty, not the all matey!

  2. Ruth says:

    What ever is this song?? I’ve never heard anything with such weird lyrics as mentioned so far! What? Huh?

  3. Kevin Mason says:

    This [not so well written] song, like many thousands of songs before it, will eventually fade away into obscurity when its current popularity ends. Worship songs/hymns that survive tend to be the songs/hymns that express a more accurate/sound biblical teaching that transcends the short attention span of pop-Christianity.

    • Tim says:

      I’ve thought the same about a lot of what we sing on Sunday mornings. And when I look through old hymnals I see that a lot of what was included 100 years ago has likewise faded into obscurity. The solid songs remain.

      • Ruth says:

        So true Tim. I was visiting my in laws, and saw a little cloth covered red book that was an old Presbyterian hymn book which, with others we used at church. I must have just about jumped on it and hugged it! FIL grinned and said that I must have some warm memories about that book… do……hymns that one word can bring a whole hymn to mind with wonderful truths and depth, all based on scripture. True, a few were, well, ordinary, but, oh to own a copy of a little red hymnal! Hubby said eBay!! Off I go. 🙂

  4. Pastor Bob says:

    having read this a few times and the comments, I confess:
    I don’t get it.


    • Tim says:

      There’s a line in the praise song “How He Loves” that goes “Heaven meets earth like a sloppy wet kiss.” Some people would rather sing “unforeseen kiss”, and it has led to more debate than you’d think it’s worth. Today’s post is just a humorous (attempted humor, anyway) look at the song’s lyric.

    • Michelle says:

      I’m sure glad someone had the courage to say it. I was clueless as well.

  5. Laura Droege says:

    I think our music director must’ve changed that line, because I don’t remember singing that line in that song. Either that, or I’m misremembering which Crowder songs we sing at church! They’re picky about the theological content of our music. That’s a good thing.

    PS: “Sloppy wet kiss” sounds like a dog licking its owner. “Unforeseen kiss” sounds a bit better. Less slobbery!

    • Tim says:

      We’re dog-sitting and the pooch is thankfully not a slobbery-kiss-kiss dog. Will he rest his large and heavy head on your lap? Yes, but not tongue out and slobbering, yay.

  6. Carmen S. says:

    Maybe this makes a little more sense out of the song?

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