The Difference Between Patient and Slow

Lion - patience***

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4 Responses to The Difference Between Patient and Slow

  1. Pastor Bob says:


  2. Aha! Yes, I know this one!

    Slow: our blessed boy getting ready for school, eating his dinner, getting his shoes on or… anything really.

    Patience: my husband and I, the boy’s little sisters, teachers, grandparents, bus driver… and pretty much everyone else.

    We reckon he’s living in some kind of parallel reality where time is slower. You could say he’s a human tortoise. Maybe he’ll live to 130. Meantime, patience is indeed a virtue. I thank God for the opportunity to exercise this virtue on a daily basis o_O

    Seriously, though, God doesn’t work on our timetable because that’s like letting the sheep control the shepherd. Sometimes we have to learn something. Sometimes all we can do is ask God what it is that He wants to teach us through the situation. It is never easy, but Jesus didn’t ask us to pick up our candy floss and follow Him. He asked us to carry our cross.

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