Spiritual Maturity is Secondary

Your eternal security is a foundation for your spiritual maturity, not the other way around.

Jeremy White


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4 Responses to Spiritual Maturity is Secondary

  1. Shew, I’m glad that’s settled, because aling with that the man’s the head of the house post, my wife is always telling me to grow up. Thank you for this, because now I can let her be boss n I never have to grow up. Shew, what a relief. 🙂

    • Tim says:

      You sound like one of Barrie’s lost boys, PB!

      • patbadstibner says:

        Yes, indeed you can count in the group that considered Peter their hero. I mean let’s face it who doesn’t admire the guy who take on a Pirate. My kids are even worse, reminding me that no one my age speaks like that, after I break out in surfer speak with a totally bodacious, or dude you just did an acid roll, usually gets, “Dad no one your age speaks like that.” Anyway here’s to all the lost boys, who don’t always take themselves so serious.

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