Allowable Slavery

While I have often said that all men ought to be free, yet I would allow [slavery of] those white people who argue in favor of making other people slaves. I am in favor of giving an appointment to such white men to try it on for themselves.

Abraham Lincoln
March 17, 1865


[Today’s quote links yesterday’s post concerning Lincoln’s insights on the words “Liberty” and “Tyranny” and tomorrow’s post about a modern day pastor who defends America’s history of slavery, but doesn’t say whether he’d try it on for himself and his family.]

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3 Responses to Allowable Slavery

  1. hirstiusd says:

    I am a “white” person with some ancestors who were slaves. It is only because of Mr. Lincoln that I exist today. To be specific: if slavery had continued, my beautiful son would not be alive today. The effects of our actions, good and bad, last through the centuries.

  2. Jeannie says:

    Thanks for sharing these insights from Lincoln this week, Tim. I wonder how our world would be different if we only treated others the way we’d be willing to be treated ourselves.

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