What are you having for dessert today?

If you don’t know why I’m asking, you are excused from answering.

If you do know why I’m asking, please answer in the comments and please be specific. (I’m making mine olallieberry.)


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28 Responses to What are you having for dessert today?

  1. EricaM says:

    Hmm…they were selling a tiny rhubarb one at the grocery store across the street. If I get there in time, I might be able to get it for myself!

  2. Jeannie says:

    Well, this is our pizza night, so we usually just have ice cream afterward. But under the circumstances, there’s a certain blueberry item in the freezer that I might be tempted to bring out. (I had to Google “olallieberry” — I thought you were making some reference to Halle Berry, which sounded a little strange…)

  3. I don’t know why are you asking that but I just couldn’t stop myself from sharing that I am having “gulab-jamun!” It’s an Indian dessert!!! 🙂 🙂 yummy!!!

  4. vrein11 says:

    I was confused too, but as I read the comments I remembered! I guess we will be having a rhubarb/apple crumb tonight!!! heeheee….

  5. Shannon H. says:

    Oh yeah, pi day. Not having pie, but I’m expecting a fancy cupcake for dessert at a local cat shelter’s annual Spay-ghetti dinner tonight. Cupcakes are round too…

  6. Kathi says:

    I may have to go and get ingredients for peanut butter pie.

  7. I feel like I’m missing out on something really good.

  8. Laura Droege says:

    My 6th grader celebrated Pi day at school yesterday. They had moon pies for a math class project (and then ate them) and regular pie at the end of the day. Then it was my dad’s birthday, so she got cake and ice cream that night, and today is a friend’s slumber party, so I’m betting that there will be cake and ice cream and leftover pie and five very hyper girls staying up all night! (Her less-sugared-up parents and sister are just having leftover cake tonight. Chocolate chip pound cake, in case you’re wondering.)

  9. Oh, yes, I read about ‘Pi’ day. It doesn’t work here cos we write the date differently, which is a shame because we’re a mathematical household who would have loved to have had a mathemagical day. I even have ‘cherry pi’ earrings (how cool am I?) and my husband has a tee-shirt that has the square root of minus 1 with a speech bubble saying “Be rational!” and the pi symbol with a speech bubble saying “Get real!” which is hilarious if you’re a mathematical geek.

    We should probably get out more.

    • Tim says:

      But didn’t you have your pi day last year, when you would write March 15, 2014, as 3/14/15? Your mathematical accoutrements sound great in any case!

  10. keriwyattkent says:

    At 9:26:53 Saturday morning, my running group enjoyed three kinds of pie to celebrate pi day. We had a blast. Check my facebook page for details since I can’t post a photo here.

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