When Satanists LOL



My thanks to Jeremie Mika Gabrielle Scott for posting this on Facebook.

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30 Responses to When Satanists LOL

  1. Pastor bob says:

    For the Love Of Lava!
    Laughing Out Loud – Lots Of Luck and
    Leaving our Loaves!!

    Many of us can not be bothered with such silly abbreviations. Conteractions pose problems for many — so
    *sigh – enough said.

  2. Laura Droege says:

    Oh, my. When I think of all the acronyms that people use (particularly in a military and tech town, where acronyms are all over the place), I see so much potential for Satanists to use in their vocabulary! After all, what if NASA stands for something unsavory and devilish and not National Aeronautics and Space Administration?! In case my tone is misunderstood: LOL

    • Tim says:

      We could write a whole post on repurposing common acronyms to reveal underlying evil, Laura.

      I’ll start: NASA = National Association of Satanic Acolytes.

    • Jeannie says:

      ROFL = Royal Order of Followers of Lucifer
      IMHO = Iniquitous Minions of Hell’s Occupancy
      KWIM = Knights of the Wrathful Immoral Minions
      And the smiley face, which is made up of Colon + Hyphen + Parenthesis, actually symbolizes Carnal Heinous Practices.

      As the butter said, “I’m on a roll!”

  3. RavenThreads says:

    Thanks! I needed this LOL….I mean laugh out loud today 😀

  4. Rev. Carlene Appel, MDiv. says:

    Oh brother! Better not use “PS” at the end of your letters either because it really means Pope Satan. Guess we’d best crawl under a rock wearing sack cloth and ashes because anything we do, write, or say might inadvertently be connected to the satanic church. Get a life people !!!!!!LOL😝😂😂😂😂😂😱 Loved Pastor Bob’s post, thanks Tim for something to laugh about early in the week😂.

  5. Margaret says:

    Thank you for making me laugh! So good and very creative comments!

  6. madhabmatics says:

    Just wait’ll you play “LOL” backwards on a turntable.

    It’s the same backwards and forwards :O

  7. birdonabird says:

    My mom thought LOL meant “love you lots” when she first started texting… until I pointed out it’s an O and not a U… and then she ‘made up’ LUL.

  8. EricaM says:

    Is this from demonbusters.com? This looks like something they would post. That’s probably what summons those phone demons they talk about.

    …LOL. 😛

  9. Jeannie says:

    I told my daughter about this post; she got right into the spirit and said “BFF means ‘Beelzebub’s Friends & Followers’.” 😀

  10. jaimieramsey says:

    Oh, the comments on this are absolutely priceless. Thanks for sharing, Tim! 😀

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