When Leonard Nimoy Met JRR Tolkien – The Legend of Bilbo Baggins

Leonard Nimoy passed away today and there are articles praising him all over the internet right now. That’s as it should be, because I think he’s one of the most talented people I’ve had the pleasure to watch on screen.

I also think he knows how to not take himself too seriously, and I have the proof.

If you’ve never seen him sing The Legend of Bilbo Baggins, you’re in for a treat. If you have seen it, you’re in for a repeat treat. It’s campy and fun and gets Tolkien down right.

Thank you, Leonard.


Addenda: Did you know back in the late ’60s/early ’70s there was talk of Leonard Nimoy being cast as Aragorn in a live action Lord of the Rings? In his later years he would have made an excellent Gandalf.


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7 Responses to When Leonard Nimoy Met JRR Tolkien – The Legend of Bilbo Baggins

  1. Pastor Bob says:

    Oye Vey!


  2. Ruth says:

    How sad to hear of his passing, he holds a special place in my childhood at school. I have what might be termed elven-like ears. Hence my being called ‘Spock, Dr Spock, Mrs Spock….that would have been an emotionless ordered relationship!…..Spockie and so on. Frequently asked questions about Vulcan, why I was laughing because Spocks didn’t do that, where was the Captain, and any other quip a primary school comedian could come up with.
    Loved his character and his oh so serious presentation that retained a hint of irony and wry, dry humour, such a clever actor. And yes I loved that teasing, so much better then four eyes, midget, or endless short jokes. RIP lovely Leonard Nimoy the tips of my ears salute you.

  3. Jeannie says:

    So fun! Thanks for sharing that — I’ve never seen it before. He looked like he was really enjoying himself.

  4. I’m sitting sipping my Sunday afternoon cup of tea next to some rather pungent daffodils. I’m not sure if I witnessed what I just did in that video or whether wilting daffodils release some kind of scent which induces nightmarish hallucinations when combined with Earl Grey. I saw Spock off of Star Trek and he was singing about hobbits. Girls with prosthetic pointy ears and flourescent sweaters danced in a jolly, awkward-yet-strangely-co-ordinated manner. I’m not sure whether I need a cold shower or a colon cleanse. Maybe I already had both. I think I’m going to lie down.

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