Sex in the Courtroom

[This is the opening to a post I have up at Liz Mallory’s blog today.]

The young man – well, legally a man but not for much longer – stood in front of me, separated by the space between the courtroom table and the judge’s bench where I sat in my black robe. He wasn’t asking for much – just that the law would recognize him for who he had discovered himself to be. It was a short yet life-changing court case, but more on this later.

Sex and Gender

Gender, sex, sexuality, chromosomes, identity – how you choose to categorize issues will determine how you treat the people those issues affect.

Imagine for a moment that you are … [click through to read the rest at Liz’s place.]


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10 Responses to Sex in the Courtroom

  1. Laura Droege says:

    Really good post, Tim!

  2. Pastor Bob says:

    That is hard, very hard. The Christian is honor bound to follow the rules of the employer unless those rules contradict some values. BUT the crux of this the position that you occupy. You may be allowed to avoid some decisions, but your job may be in jeopardy. yet, the law also provides “cover” for the decisions that you make.

    Praying for you!

    • Tim says:

      I don’t see it as the law giving cover, unless you mean that I am covered and governed in my actions by the Royal Law of Love, PB. 😉

      • Pastor Bob says:

        If the (human) law requires it, it is allowed by this law, the processes and procedures are followed, it seems to me that you must do do something that you are (morally) opposed to. Prayers continue. Blessings!

        • Tim says:

          A pastor once asked me how I handle divorce cases. I said I look over the paperwork and if the people have met the legal requirements for dissolution of marriage then I sign a piece of paper confirming it.

  3. Ruth says:

    Difficult topic I think. My close girl friend has faced this issue in a way. Her eldest daughter is in a same-sex, civil union marriage. They have a son born by donation and carried by my friend’s daughter, there will be another child soon. What to say or do? Nothing but to accept with love and delight a gorgeous little boy, and encourage and support all the family I’ve know since childhood. They come from the same church I did as a girl, and we didn’t even really know about such things til we were older.
    I know I’m not sure of my opinion of the situation really, I just know they need support and can we impart Christ if we crush with disapproval? I just know my friend needs me and my positive attitude…I’m sure God can deal with their choices a s He draws them to Himself!

    • Tim says:

      These are difficult situations for everyone involved, I think. I love what you say about delighting in the baby boy. That type of godly delight is what helps us stay away from that crushing disapproval you mention and focus on how we can show people love and care.

      • Ruth says:

        He is a wonderful way of binding friends and family and staying neutral about the other issues. He’s going to be a big boy, I reckon 6′ 5″or so by the family tree! A lot to love!
        If Jesus didn’t crush sinners, then how can we even if we believe something is awry. I think it is just sensible to love the family, and keep my thoughts or questions directed to God. We’ve just had a young married man, work friend of my son staying, his wife had him removed from home by the police. They suggested he stay away until things settle as his wife has severe post natal depression, and their daughter is autistic, long story.
        The point is, as I was apologizing for a messy house, he said it didn’t matter because there was so much love in our home and he could feel it. That was the best affirmation ever that God uses messes, noise, joking, quiet moments and an open door to do His work.
        So glad to be back in the middle of it all again, to see people settled and feeling safe with us, with an open invitation to return. He was so shocked at first at our easy going ways as he is from a different culture that has certain expectations of how parents and adult off spring behave, once he stopped fretting at my sons and husband treating each other and me with cheek and hugs and laughter, he joined in a little and looked delighted that he could take part with us, another one for me to adopt….love my large family of adopted delightful people that come into our lives….every one of them has a hurt to heal, and needs a large dose of love.
        Glad God gave me a big task that I enjoy so much…how kind of Him to fulfill me this way, and hold me up at three in the morning when another hurt soul appears at the door.
        Just felt like sharing one of those good things God gives us with you today Tim. 🙂

        • Tim says:

          I am delighted you took the time to tell that story, Ruth. To have a home where people can enter and know they are safe is a huge ministry and blessing!

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