Mega-Pastor Wrongly Teaches That Jesus Is “God’s Tithe”

What would you say if someone told you that Jesus is the first fruit in God’s work in saving the lost? What if that same person said Jesus is God’s tithe?

The Big Difference Between First Fruits and Tithes

“First fruit” is a concept from the Old Testament that said God’s people, the Israelites, were to trust him to provide for them. They showed their trust in God by sacrificing the first fruits of all they produced – whether the first sheep of a new spring, the first portion of a new crop being harvested, or whatever it might be. They sacrificed before the rest was fully produced, trusting that God would continue to bring to his people all they needed beyond what came first.

Can you imagine being a subsistence farmer seeing the grain begin to struggle from the ground, or a shepherd on a lonely hillside who sees the first lamb born and hopes the other sheep will not miscarry? How could you turn right around and take the early crop or first lamb and sacrifice it when you don’t know how much more will come after it?

Yet God told his people to sacrifice the first and trust him to continue providing for them. And we are also told that Jesus truly is the first fruit of God’s plan to being people into a rich and eternal relationship with himself. (1 Corinthians 15:20-13.) So it’s true that Jesus is God’s first fruit.

While tithing is related to the concept of first fruits, it is also fundamentally different. The tithe (or 10%) is based on the total income an Israelite received throughout the year, whether from farming, ranching, textiles or anything else.

All the people of Israel were to give 10% of their income to the priests in charge of the temple so that the people serving in the temple did not have to go out and earn their own living from crops and herds and commerce. It’s a tax, and one that was supposed to come before any tax the king would impose on the people for running the country itself. The person could then use whatever remained after paying those taxes, just like we do today.

But tithing is not first fruit sacrifice. Tithing funded the temple and its work. The first fruit had nothing to do with funding temple workers and their duties. It was about trusting God to provide for you after you gave him the first thing that came into your hand from your work.

The Heresy of Calling Jesus “God’s Tithe”

When mega-pastor Robert Morris (in the short video linked at the top of this post) told his congregation that Jesus is God’s tithe, it appears to have been an effort to get his listeners to decide that if God tithed Jesus to the church then the least the people of God can do is tithe 10% of their income to the church too.

There are two problems with this, both based on bad doctrinal understanding. First, tithing is not a part the New Covenant between God and his people. (You’ll find my reasoning on tithing about half way down this post: The Cross of Jesus Divides Everything in Two.)

Second, tithing is by definition only 10% of what one has. Jesus is not 10% of what God has. Jesus is 100% God himself. Jesus is the one who said so and his listeners knew exactly what he meant when he said it:

 “I and the Father are one.”

Again his Jewish opponents picked up stones to stone him, but Jesus said to them, “I have shown you many good works from the Father. For which of these do you stone me?”

“We are not stoning you for any good work,” they replied, “but for blasphemy, because you, a mere man, claim to be God.” (John 10:30-33.)

The Apostles knew this too and considered it the foundation for all truth about who God is. For example:

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. … The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the one and only Son, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth. (John 1:1, 14.)


For in Christ all the fullness of the Deity lives in bodily form. (Colossians 2:9.)


Christ Jesus: Who, being in very nature God, did not consider equality with God something to be used to his own advantage; rather, he made himself nothing by taking the very nature of a servant, being made in human likeness. (Philippians 2:5-7.)

So you can see that Jesus is not 10% of what God possesses but is God himself. Why a person as well-read in the Bible as Mr. Morris would have said otherwise is between him and God. But the fact that he said so is also between Mr. Morris and God’s people.

Jesus is God. Not part of God, not a 10% offering from God, but God himself.


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53 Responses to Mega-Pastor Wrongly Teaches That Jesus Is “God’s Tithe”

  1. janehinrichs says:

    Uggg….I think we Christians can really get off track when we try to be clever.

    • Tim says:

      That’s a good way to put it, Jane. Clever turns of phrase sometimes aren’t.

    • Pastor Bob says:

      Well said.

    • Am coming to this way late, but it’s particularly bad when people who most decidedly are not clever enough to know that they’re not clever take a stab at it. In other words, you end up with a spectacle like Robert Morris, a man known primarily for a few things– money and embarrassingly bad theology–and not known at all for deep thoughts.

  2. Laura Droege says:

    Goodness, that is a strange claim, and a dangerous one to come from a person who teaches thousands of people. Yet, oddly, if this is a lapse in judgment and ill-spoken words that he now regrets, I feel a tiny bit of sympathy; it’s hard to speak properly, correctly, and graciously all the time, even if I know that whatever I write/say is being read/heard by people all over the place. (I try to be careful even in my blog comments, because I never know who might read them. You wouldn’t believe the number of comments I’ve rewritten or deleted!) So if Mr. Morris regrets his teaching, I hope that he takes down the video and apologizes for misleading God’s people . . . and then teaches the truth.

    This must be why the Bible tells us that not all should presume to be teachers, because those who teach will be judged more strictly. Sobering.

    • Tim says:

      It truly is a regrettable statement, Laura. I think he purposefully designed his phrasing to support his insistence that the Bible requires all his church ‘s members to give 10% to his church before any other giving or spending. Unfortunately, he used the phrase as a tithing tactic.

      • Laura Droege says:

        And unfortunately, people will believe him because they don’t know better. I’m glad you wrote this post and explained why his statement wasn’t true! Maybe someone who’s confused by his words will find this post and understand the truth.

        • Thomas says:

          Yes Laura, I attended Gateway as a guest for almost a year. He has a lot of people fooled. Most of his audience is half brain washed and they think everything he says is Gospel…. I have a couple of friends at Gateway just barely scraping by and they pay the Morris tithe every week and then run out of money for their kids to eat…..Its sad and depressing that Morris is living in luxury on the back of his poor church members. When you have two multi million dollars mansions its important that church members make the first payment of the month to you!

        • Laura Droege says:

          That’s so sad, Thomas. I feel bad for your friends. Among other things, it sends a message to their kids that their needs aren’t as important as the church’s perceived “need.” I can’t imagine that they’ll have great attitudes toward church when they grow up. (Just a guess.) It’s one thing to give sacrificially (the widow and her mite), but this isn’t the same thing.

        • Thomas says:

          Oh Morris makes it clear in all his preaching that you take care of the Church first and then you worry about all your other needs. Actually if you just pay his tithe you don’t have to worry about your mortgage or electrical bill because God will bless you ten fold. Its so sad the friend I was talking about just got paid on Tuesday on Wednesday she asked to borrow money from me for food. I asked her if she paid the Gateway tithe and of course the answer was Yes….have to put God first,,,,,or in this case Mr. Morris….The kids actually had a long discussion with their mom on tithing and one of them said “when I grow up I’m never giving any money to the church”. Morris tries to indoctrinate them in all of the youth classes. They pretty much see what he is all about…..MONEY!

        • LT says:

          This is for Thomas – I’m really sorry about what your friend is going through. During this 7 week Blessed Life series ending on 2-22-15 Gateway is teaching this mess to every single child regardless of age. Her kids are currently being heavily pressured to empty their piggy banks. This could be a rough time for them, because peer pressure and believing you’re cursed by God if you don’t give, is heady stuff for small children. Chris Rosebrough (a pastor and biblical discernment expert) just posted a new podcast where he used his entire program slot to debunk Robert Morris’ Blessed Life teachings. He goes through Morris’ arguments line by line separating fact from fiction, truth from manipulation. Perhaps at some point you could get your friend to listen. I will pray for them. I hope they break free from this heresy. It is dangerous for people to seek to put themselves back under The Law.

      • Thomas says:

        Thanks LT, I found Chris Rosebrough on youtube and his fightingforthefaith website. He does an excellent job of debunking all of Robert Morris’s biblical lies and manipulations…In researching tithing I have found that all of these prosperity preachers start off with the Abraham tithe….Even preachers who don’t necessarily believe the prosperity gospel just that you should tithe 10%…..Hmmm, Abraham made a one time tithe out of the spoils of war…..If you start off in Genesis and twist that into a lifetime of giving 10% of your gross income you can pretty much twist the bible to say anything….Because as far as I can tell Abraham never gave a tithe of any of his own money and he did it only once…….Its a pretty clear bible message….. I hope more Gateway and other mega church members find sites like this and Chris Rosebrough’s….Before their bank accounts are empty and the Mega church pastors accounts are full…..

  3. Jeannie says:

    Wow, just imagine where you could take this thinking: “He bore 10% of our sins” … “If we confess 10% of our sins, He is faithful to forgive 10% of our sins” … OK enough silliness. 🙂 There seem to be a lot of different understandings about tithing, though. We had a recent series at church where members shared various ways their study of Scripture informed their lives, and one couple talked about tithing. They are wonderful, Spirit-filled people and I know their love for Jesus affects how they work and parent etc. so that is great — yet it bothered me that they chose to focus on something that the Bible doesn’t really command us as Christians to do.

    • Tim says:

      Your examples of what the 10% thinking gets us to is right on, Jeannie. I have a post brewing about how tithing (10%) actually sets the bar too low, and that Jesus taught in his parables that it’s 100% not 10%

  4. Mark says:

    Morris teaches this false doctrine all over the world, so it was not a “misspoken” or momentary lapse. Morris is intentionally mis-applying Mosaic Law to current believers, which is wrong. He puts them under the burden of the law that Christ died to set us free from. Steven Furtick called Morris “an assassin” (in that he is a hit man who travels to other churches and gets the congregation to increase their giving). The host pastor conveniently leaves out the fact that the teaching is false in order to get more cash. See Ephesians 2:15 “Christ … by abolishing the law of commandments expressed in ordinances…” so not only has tithing been abolished, so has circumcision, burnt offerings, prohibition on eating bacon, etc.

    • Tim says:

      I am right there with you, Mark. Our lives in the New Covenant are governed by the law of love, as Jesus and many of the epistle writers put it (e.g., James 2:8), not the Old Covenant laws written on stone which lead to death. (2 Cor. 3:7.)

    • LT says:

      Mark is not exaggerating. This not a “misstatement”. This is deliberate. Morris has been teaching this heresy for years. He broadcasts this message to over 90 million homes in over 200 countries. He also teaches it in person if you pay him 5 figures – remember “The Blessed Life” program produces “Guaranteed Financial Results!” (taken from the cover of Morris’ own The Blessed Life book.) Last summer Hillsong Capetown paid Morris to fly all the way to South Africa to preach for 34 minutes. Morris used that time to preach the “Jesus is God’s tithe” message. Then Hillsong gets to spread this heresy all over their continent. Below are the verbatim transcripts from these three sermons on Jesus being God’s tithe. Links are provided on all three for verification purposes. This is a STAGE ACT – nothing more. Morris says the same words at every single church he goes to. He even gives the same pauses for effect, the same tired jokes and even fakes being choked up on the same passages like the old rancher story. He isn’t choked up. He is play acting. This man began his entire preaching career as a ventriloquist and a stand-up comedian. People. Please stop giving this charlatan your money!!!

      Here is the July 20, 2013 South African message:

      4:57 “[Was Jesus, hehehe, born unclean or clean? Clean, okay listen](1), [here’s what we just read](2), [the clean had to be sacrificed so the unclean could be redeemed](3). [That’s what we just read](2). That’s what that represents and what’s amazing to me is the giving the first to God and we’re gonna get to this, represents actually our tithe. And this is why it it it it it just so hurts me when people talk negatively about the tithe because I know they don’t understand. I wanna share something with you about the tithe [maybe you’ve never thought of](4). [Jesus. Is God’s. Tithe](5) [Because see we give the tithe first](6).”

      You see, Tim? You’re hurting Robert because you’re too stupid to understand.

      Let’s compare that with the video referenced above in the post taken from Warren Throckmorton’s blog on 1-25-15:

      “[Was Jesus born unclean or clean? Clean. Okay. Listen](1) to me. Listen very carefully. The clean, Jesus, [the clean, had to be sacrificed so that the unclean could be redeemed](3). [That’s what we just read](2) hehe. That’s how important this principle is. And we’re gonna see that this principle refers to tithing but I wanna say something to you that [maybe you’ve never thought of](4). [Jesus. Is God’s. Tithe](5). [ Because you see you give the tithe first](6).”

      Next, this very weekend (2-1-15), Morris abandoned his own congregation to go speak, for cash, at Dave Stone’s mega-church, Southeast Christian Church in Louiseville, KY, which is the 5th largest church in the US with over 30,000 members,_Kentucky%29

      Here’s the sermon that Dave Stone paid all that money for his flock to hear. By the way Stone could have simulcast this exact same message plus 6 more for only $499. Great stewardship Dave. I think I feel a “prophecy” coming on…”Gateway Church will now pay you 5 figures to speak at their church sometime in the future”. Probably when your next “Faithful Family” book comes out…..

      Ps Dave Stone prompts his flock by opening with: “you will walk away with some incredible truths that you have never noticed or never seen that are in the scriptures so fasten your seatbelts” Could it be Dave, that they have never seen or noticed these “incredible truths…in the scriptures” before because Morris is making them up? By the way, Dave Stone has a whole line of Thomas Nelson published books all about raising godly children and godly families. Yet, he is teaching this dangerous heresy to all of them.

      10:15 “[Was Jesus born unclean or clean? Clean. Okay. Listen.](1) [The clean had to be sacrificed so that the unclean could be redeemed](3). [That’s what we just read](2). … 12:30 Lemme say it a different way. [Maybe you never even thought about this](4). [Jesus. Is God’s. Tithe](5).”

      Whether in Texas, Kentucky or half the world away in South Africa, pastors all over the globe are eager to pay Robert Morris big money to preach this heresy for the sole purposes of helping these “pastors” fleece their own flocks. (Morris’ speaking fees alone last year were over $300,000 per his RMEA 990 and this money does not go to Gateway Church it goes all to Robert who is already collecting a massive GW paycheck). If Pastor Stone really cares about the families in his flock as his profitable “Faithful Families” book line would suggest, then he should repent of his actions, demand a refund from Morris, retract all of his false teaching, apologize to his flock and in the future think twice before bringing someone on stage whose big claim is that they can show you “new truths” you’ve never seen or heard from the bible. The most truthful statement Dave Stone made last Sunday was “fasten your seatbelts,” because truly Robert Morris just took his entire congregation for a ride. Shame on you Ps Stone. Badly done.

      • Tim says:

        Thanks for more background on this, LT. I wondered the same thing you did about paying Morris to come to someone’s church. Why not just run the video; sure Morris charges for that too, but it’s cheap in comparison. He really is saying things people haven’t discovered on their own in the Bible, but as you say that’s only because it’s not in the Bible to be discovered in the first place.

        • LT says:

          If you watch the whole Southeast Christian Church sermon you’ll notice that Morris claims that he “invited himself” to Dave Stone’s huge 30,000 member church. Why oh why could that be? Could it be that Morris’ new book called “Truly Free” that is about demonic bondage and Christians having their children demonically possessed when they fail to tithe (based on his Free Indeed sermon series notes) is available for pre-order on February 11, 2015??? How convenient for Dave Stone that he can use both a stick and a carrot to collect 10% of all of his sheep’s gross earnings, and he doesn’t even have to do the heavy lifting. I’d expect to see Robert Morris preaching everywhere he can this Spring and Summer. By Morris’ own admission, Thomas Nelson gave him a massive advance on this book so he needs to get his face out there. Morris only preaches 30 weekends a year at GW, and lately he’s been pre-recording messages and just hitting the Saturday 4 pm then flying out for other speaking gigs. His priorities are NOT on his “flock” but rather on the fleece he can gather before more people figure his schtick out.

          I also think Dave may be looking for a gig at Gateway Church sometime in the future to collect his own honorarium and to sell his wares as well. If you look at GW’s guest speakers you will notice that Morris and other GW big cheeses get reciprocal gigs at their churches, and usually surrounding a book release. You can’t get a Gateway-sized honorarium off a $499 simulcast.

  5. Jason says:

    Thank you for posting this, Tim!

    In Titus 1, we are warned about those who are UNQUALIFIED to be elders in the church:
    “10 For there are many who are insubordinate, empty talkers and deceivers, especially those of the circumcision party.[g] 11 They must be silenced, since they are upsetting whole families by teaching for shameful gain what they ought not to teach.”

    Teaching for shameful gain what they ought not to teach” is an exact description of what Robert Morris is doing. His church, Gateway, has over $100,000,000 in annual income, largely due to this twisting of God’s word for 15 years now.

    Paul writes, “THEY MUST BE SILENCED”.

    Titus 1 concludes with this about these deceivers:
    “16 They profess to know God, but they deny him by their works. They are detestable, disobedient, unfit for any good work.”

    • Tim says:

      I’m glad you brought those verses out for us, Jason, thanks. Those are powerful words and stated quite strongly. (Then again, when did we ever know Paul to soften his doctrinal blows?)

  6. If the point is that Jesus gave His whole self for us so we should give everything back to HIm, then say that. Don’t pretend it’s about money, or ‘tithing’ or whatever else you can dream up to make people feel guilty, and especially don’t use tinkly, emotive music in the background as you come to your main ‘give me money’.
    I really dislike when people misuse what the bible actually says to make a point. And I dislike it even more when it’s a deliberate attempt at getting cash! Anyone with a modicum of knowledge about the bible knows that tithing has nothing to do with Jesus (that really is a bizarre link). God wants 100% of me, and 100% of everything I have. By His grace He puts up with my measly efforts, but by trusting Him and earnestly seeking wisdom, I am learning how and when and where to use my gifts, money or otherwise, as Paul teaches in 2 Corinthians 8:11-15.
    Also, and this made me laugh, I clicked play on one of the videos in the link and when I thought it had finished I clicked play on the other. The first hadn’t finished, but I didn’t realise because I’d scrolled up to watch the second video. The first, still playing, turned out to be an ad for the new Dracula film… o_O

  7. Aimee Byrd says:

    Isn’t this the same mega pastor who preached an off the cuff sermon “that the Lord just revealed to him” claiming there was no Hebrew word for “commandment”? This guy is full of doozies.

    • Tim says:

      He really does make it up it seems, and all with such an unhealthy spiritual and temporal focus on money.

    • LT says:

      No. That was Perry Noble from Newspring. That was in the same Christmas Eve sermon where he dropped the N bomb. Perry does claim that Robert Morris is his pastor and both speak – again for large cash – at each others churches. Robert is too clever to make such a rookie mistake. He is currently paying a very large amount of his congregants’ cash to some Jewish Rabbi scholars to come up with a new translation of the bible using some new ancient texts. I am waiting to see if this version doesn’t “conveniently” make the tithe carry over into the NT. It’s interesting that the GW Messianic Rabbi left GW this past year after nine years of loyal service. Perhaps there was one person left at GW who feared the Lord’s wrath? Perry should learn from the master and get his Israeli taxi driver pal to also translate a whole new bible for him. Think it won’t work? Morris has been pushing his flock this year to switch to The Message, which is NOT a translation of the bible. If Gatewayans will accept The Message as the Holy Word of God, why not a GW funded bible translation? Wow, more “new incredible truths” from the bible! How cool would that be? Tithes are IN and those pesky 10 commandments are OUT. Mazel Tov! It’s time to party!!

      • Thomas says:

        That is because no modern day Jews tithe….Can you imagine all the people at Gateway who might has asked this guy about tithing??? Jews do not tithe because the mosaic tithes were never about money they were actual food and agricultural products and the storehouse was a literal storehouse not a metaphor for a mega church…..Modern day jews fund their synagogues through membership and other fees that have nothing to do with tithing….Why doesn’t Morris just do that? You want to join Gateway the membership fee is 10% of your gross income……Hmmmm maybe he wouldn’t have such a huge following, so he has to use bible manipulation, mind control and threats of a curse from God.

  8. Pastor Bob says:

    An article (posting) that appeals to the head in a very logical, straightforward and simple way. Sadly the modern church is filled with those who look for clever ways to reintroduce a biblical truth. Even sadder, is that those who do so are supposed to know better. Education and the church are not in opposition to each other. some have made it that way. Your writings (especially like this) will help close that fallacious gap. Thank you!!
    (The pulpit ministry may not be for you, but those who are there need educated writers to help them! Thanks Again!)

    • Tim says:

      I love this line, PB: “Education and the church are not in opposition to each other”. That’s a message that I hope gets out there.

      On preaching, I’ve filled the pulpit on rare occasion. Not for a while now though.

  9. Thomas says:

    Mr. Morris main concern is extracting as much money as he can from his flock and teaching other mega church pastors the same…. I don’t think he is anywhere close to biblical accuracy. Look at his twisting of the Abraham and Levite tithes. Yes he is well read in the bible so he must know that he is manipulating it. He skips numerous chapters adds in his own story telling and imagination. Most of what he is preaching is not biblical. Since he preaches this all over to the country to every mega church and every mega church wanna be i’m sure you will be hearing him using the God’s tithe multiple times.

    • Tim says:

      I’ve heard him conflate the OT relationship between God and Israel (an identifiable nation/government) with the NT relationship between God and his people (a spiritual kingdom) more times than I can count now.

  10. R. S. Simmons says:

    Blech! Thanks for this posting, Tim, & for fellow-reader’s helpful comments. 🙂

  11. Thomas says:

    I could usually tolerate Morris’s ramblings and questionable bible twistations but when he came up with that “Jesus is God Tithe” and the whole blessed life series I had enough of Morris of Gateway…..I thought he was just infecting members of Gateway with that heresy and false teachings but in the last two weeks I come to find out he is spreading this message all over the country and all over the world…..All these mega church pastors and mega church wannabes…..Do they even believe in God???? Why are they so worried about building such a large financial kingdom on earth??? Are they planning to take it all with them??? I can see why Morris does it, every distant family member and friend are on the Gateway parole….He has to keep everyone of those six figure salaries and housing allowances funded…..Make sure the first payment goes to his mortgage company not yours……What is scary is how many other preachers he has corrupted…..Sunday I was at a small church literally down the block from the Gateway mega campus……Not even 100 members but they have pictures on the wall of the all the campuses they are going to build…..The alter area is a crude mock up of Gateway but they actually add a cross…..The pastor is not two minutes into his preaching and he starts off with you got to make God number one with your wallet and some of Morris’s other teachings…..He didn’t quite go full Morris with your cursed if you don’t tithe but he sure liked the Morris message……Its getting harder and harder to find a church that doesn’t believe that the reason Jesus died on the cross was a guaranteed 10% rate of return to fund a church.

    • Tim says:

      It’s sad how this teaching really is infecting other churches, Thomas. And on that “cursed if you don’t tithe” bit, I pray that believers will realize the beautiful truth in Romans 8:1 – there is no condemnation for those who belong to Jesus. And if there is no condemnation, then we are certainly not under God’s curse. Jesus is the whole of what God has required from us, and he gave his all on our behalf.

  12. Thomas says:

    All three of the people I know at Gateway who are following the Morris doctrine have asked me for money in the last two days….One of them is group leader who just posted a facebook of his empty refrigerator and complained that his kids have no food……The Morris doctrine hurts real people…..Something tells me in the end they will end up blaming God and not pastor Morris…..He really seems to have a spell over people…..I have taken to the message boards and YouTube trying to warn people about this false doctrine… Ironic that the Levite and old testament tithes that Morris twists were all about food and here is Morris taking their money so they can’t afford to buy any food….I think we see who is robbing God…..

  13. Dale Melchin says:

    This post is so apt to the blog title “One Train Wreck After Another.” I’ve already got him on my list for a Sarcastic Saturday on my blog. This statement of Jesus being God’s tithe is a train wreck. I can only hope that the people he “teaches” will be wise enough to look to the Bible and the Church Fathers for their understanding rather than their teaching elder in this case. I get so touchy about this because what he’s saying rings so close to heresy.

    • Tim says:

      I’d say it’s slid right on past heresy and is sidling right up next to blasphemy, Dale. I to0o hope that there are people I his church who will compare what he says to the Bible and see the flaws in his teaching.

      When you get your post on this up and running, please come back here and leave a link for us. I’ll be interested to read your take on it all.

  14. Thomas says:

    Unfortunately Dale, people don’t read the Bible or look to other sources. When I confronted the Gateway members who were going broke paying the Morris tithe I asked them why they kept giving him their money. The resounding answer was that all the churches were preaching it so it must be Biblical…..I asked if they actually read the Bible verses on tithing and the answer was a resounding no…..I contacted 10 churches in close proximity to Gateway’s main campus…..All but one were teaching tithing doctrine in one form or another….Most of them did not go full Morris where “Jesus is God’s tithe, and your money is cursed” but they all seemed to manipulate the “first fruits” message…. This is from the Milestone Church website…..”One of the most powerful things about generosity is the truth that it always makes a difference in the life of both the one who gives and the one who receives. And remember, when you give your tithe (10% of your income), you are acting in obedience and worship to God, inviting His blessing in all areas of life (Malachi 3:10).” Obedience to God sure sounds like the old testament law. I asked Milestone if they had any Levite priests on staff to collect the tithe and they told me I didn’t understand the bible and I should come in for counselling…….Hmmmm yeah I know when I’m being manipulated and fleeced……Unlike most of the people attending your ‘church’……..

    • Tim says:

      “I asked if they actually read the Bible verses on tithing and the answer was a resounding no”

      That’s such a sad statement on their own sense of responsibility as well as on the failure of the church leadership in teaching people to dig into the Bible to see what it says.

  15. Thomas says:

    Unfortunately the Gateway small group Bible study is not a Bible study at all…..It goes point by point through pastor Morris’s weekly sermon emphasizing what Biblical passages he took out of context and drives home the Morris slant on the Bible. No one actually opens a Bible and reads the entire chapter and verse in context.

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  17. Helen T says:

    Jesus is not God’s tithe, how can one tithe to ones self? That’s ridiculous. But Jesus is our tithe to God! Just as God provided his own perfect sacrifice once for all time,( rather than us continuing to provide sheep and lambs), he also provided a tithe tor us, once for all. John 6 has Jesus telling us about that. The tithe was always eaten, in the OC. And if the people have too far to goal that they could not carry their food that far to be tied it, God gave them permission to turn it into money till I got there, then buy whatever they desired, and eat it! Now we see how the ties has been defiled by making money instead of food Jesus describes himself as the manna, and the bread, again, FOOD!

  18. but the tithe were to the levite priest and it was food not money

  19. Shane says:

    Jesus is the tithe. The entire old covenant tithing system was a type and shadow of what Jesus did. The sacrificial lamb. The Levites had a portion for their duties but we who believe are now the priests. Jesus said if you do not eat of my flesh and drink of my blood you can have no part of me. Tithing in the old covenant was only in livestock and crops Blood and the bread. The 12 loves covered in frankinsence in the temple and the blood of bulls and goats a shadow of things to come. Then entire offering system was made complete in Jesus. Sin offering, peace offering, love offering, ext. The church has corrupted this into manipulating money from people. New Testament is giving not reluctantly but with a joyful heart. The apostle Paul does not speak of tithing or offerings but rather a gift for those in need.
    The most twisted scripture is Malachi 3:8 ” will a man rob God where in his tithes and offerings. Read the entire book of Malachi it was the priests robbing God by sacrificing deformed animals blind and lame. Was it not to be without spot or blemish the shadow of things to come Jesus. Then look at verse 10 ” Will I not pour out such “A” blessing there will not be enough room to receive”it”
    This is singular talking about Jesus and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Not a reward for your giving. The prosperity gospel is another gospel does the Bible not say you will be persecuted because of me. Yes God will bless you because of Faith not because you tithe. The temple system was distroyed AD70 as prophesied we are the temple of the Holy Spirit. The levitical system was destroyed yet mankind tries to bring it back.
    Yes churches need money so give but don’t give into a corrupted teaching that puts you back under the law. All of the New Testament giving was for the good of those in need yet today the money goes to buildings, salaries, overheads. Paul made tents to support himself and not be a burden on others. When he did receive a gift it took months to get to him so must have been a garment of sorts to which he thanked those that sent it in his letters.
    One miracle in the church will draw thousands but millions of dollars of bla bla bla is easily forgotten. Can you remember the topic preached about last Sunday ?.

  20. Les says:

    Another gospel.

  21. Isaac Joshua says:

    Thanks for bringing this correction

  22. Jon walusimbi says:

    If you read in context of the bible it will become easier for you to understand why jesus was called christ after His mission and he stopped the ones who were revealed that He was Christ before His mission is accomplished.
    By that u will also come to realise that Christ was and is the first of all things.. that can easily hit your understanding why He is called the tithe….
    Christ is broad that is why we call salvation a package (christ offered priesthood to everybeliver check Book of revelation.) If the tithe was to be given to the Levites to whom are you going to give yours yet your a priest too.

  23. Del says:

    Paul has the true way of giving and it has no part of law giving in his grace giving way.
    The father of lies uses subtle ways to convince others to follow him and his fallen co-angels.
    Those that follow him and his ministry are blinded and yet in darkness 2nd Timothy 2:24-26.

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