A Sign of the Times


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10 Responses to A Sign of the Times

  1. Happy Birthday Tim, to me that sign represents safe, control, legal, n slow. While you may be in the legal field thanks for not reflecting it in your posts. Thanks for taking risks, coming out of the box, removing the restraints and being bold in your writing. It also appears you are in no danger of slowing down anytime soon. So blessings my friend and may it be a blessed day for you.

  2. Tuija says:

    Happy birthday Tim!

  3. Ruth says:

    Happy Birthday youngster! That speed of life could be Kms here or miles there…food for thought! Thankyou for your carefully considered and kind blogs…the judge shows when you take a line of thought out, obviously mulled- over comments, and manage to have an opinion without denigrating any person, but only a bady held brief on life. Well done, you have been an enormous help to me, and, whats more, you graciously read my burble and babble, thankyou. 60 this year…I’m taking that in miles! 🙂

  4. Pastor Bob says:

    Double Nickels – Still plenty of speed to crest those hills!

  5. Happy Birthday, Tim! (a bit belated–I’m a little slow).

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