Dating Made Simple – The Only Rule You’ll Ever Need

[Updated from the archives.]


The basketball season had just ended, so our son was having a final get-together over pizza with the 8th grade boys and girls basketball teams he’d been coaching. He decided to give the kids a rule for dating. He’s helpful that way.

“You can never date someone younger than half your age plus seven.”

Let’s do the math. That means no dating until you turn 14, and then only dating someone exactly your age because if you tried to date a 15 year old you’d be too young for them: half 15 is 7.5; then you add seven to get 14.5 which is older than someone who just turned 14; which means – by this formula – that the 14 year old is too young for the 15 year old to date.

Math Dating - it all adds up

Math Dating – it all adds up

That’s why no one can couple-up until both kids are 14 – the rule has to work out for both people in the relationship. Since some of the basketball kids are not yet 14, they thought this rule unfair. As a parent of kids in their twenties, though, I’m looking for a formula to keep them from dating until they’re 30. Or more.

Anyway, the part that really got me was when I decided to do the math for my father, who has been a widower since 1974. He’s 91, so half that is 45.5 and when you add seven you get 52.5.

My dad can date someone more than two years younger than I.

I don’t think I’ll tell my dad about this formula.


[For more of my helpful dating “advice” see Dating Christian Bloggers – Peril At Every Turn from earlier this week.]

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7 Responses to Dating Made Simple – The Only Rule You’ll Ever Need

  1. pastor bob says:

    The consequences of those who mean well.
    Good intentions gone awry.
    Complex people seek simple answers, complexity abhors simplicity.
    Life is complex, simplify what you can.
    We are too complex, simplicity is folly.

    Man’s easy answers often do not work too good.
    What about the principles of our Loving Heavenly Father?

    Blessings to all.

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  3. deelmo says:

    So a sixty year old man can date a 37 year women. That’s just creepy. And he might even have children older than the woman. Again, creepy. How about a formula that at least keeps both people in the same generation, LOL.

  4. Laura Droege says:

    The part about your dad made me laugh!

  5. Maureen Charron says:

    Is this formula applicable for both men AND women? …..just asking for a friend…..

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