Fierce Coffee Mugging

I have a new favorite coffee mug:

If you want to learn about the mug’s logo, you can read: The Fierce Convictions of Hannah More – a review of Karen Swallow Prior’s biography of a poet, reformer and abolitionist.

And for some interesting (at least to me) connections between Jane Austen and Hannah More: Jane Austen Novels and Hannah More’s Life – intersecting planes.

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12 Responses to Fierce Coffee Mugging

  1. Bronwyn Lea says:

    “I read a prior book of hers”. hahaha 🙂 Cheers. I’m loving my mug too. (nice mug shot, BTW)

  2. KSP says:

    You’re a star! And a comedian all in one! 🙂 — KSP

  3. Jeannie says:

    Awesome video, Tim: I liked your blog before, but now I like it MORE! Cruel and unusual pun-ishment.

  4. Aimee Byrd says:

    Tim, you’re a nut. But love the creativity in getting the word out about this book. I have it on my Christmas list.

  5. things the rest of you aren’t “Karen” about. hahaha. very cute.KSP, I need one of those mugs!

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